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General Witch Discussion

Discussion in 'Mage' started by Holypie, May 10, 2010.

  1. Margatroid Extreme Fag (EXTREME!!)

    MP won't be an issue.
    For some reason I've come to level 47 without spending more than 10 mana potion in a single dungeon.
    I don't remember ever hitting the mana potion button in level 1~30 actually. And even now I barely spend any.

    I've got literally thousands stockpiled on a mule. To top it off my nen master... I've NEVER used a mana potion on her. EVER. And she's level 45. I've yet to see her lose ALL her mana, with one exception during a misfortunate problem involving a Soul Eater. Theres about 700 mana potions sitting on this character too.

    I indeed have noticed that the fail rate on the t3 spells are. But hey, we use them often anyways, even at a 2 element build, right? Just because I'm using them twice as much doesn't mean I'll have issues with it. And from what I've experienced, fails don't happen too often, and are sometimes still usable enough to just let run.

    Scrub damage is always going to be awesome enough to deal with during cool down anyways. And like I said. EMM/boomspin is scaled damage, and level 5 Jackyl/Flyswatter isn't completely junk until at least level 55.

    But yeah. What I want to know is whether I should Ancient Library or Ancient Memory.

    A bit concerned on this... Even with my stockpile of mp pots I do worry a bit.
    But then memory will probably uber buff my damage...

    I haven't looked into exactly how much max mp I'll have around level 50+ and exactly how fast it regens. So if I find out I'll be in some big trouble I'll need library I guess.
  2. Soltis Carried by Sandors

    1-40 you probably won't have MP issues unless too many hits in manashield yea, what I mostly meant is towards the 45 range when you have all 4 t3s.
    You said "cycling through them", this gives me the impression that you might be using 1-2 per room. Furnace and Gravitas only take around 80mp, but the other 2 take 200. It might not be an issue really, but just something ot consider yea.

    Its a good idea to get AM in there somehow, but I wouldn't want to say no to AL either. If there's something you can take down to have both I'd probably recommend that. If not, then AM probably even if it means using alot of pots.
  3. Margatroid Extreme Fag (EXTREME!!)

    The idea is to pump enough power to level up with ease.
    Well, my witch is already 47 so the whole 1~40 issue is already gone.

    I'll see how it goes. If I don't like it then I can just switch back to my original pvp build which I planned on doing once I hit the cap anyways.
  4. Margatroid Extreme Fag (EXTREME!!)

    Alright. I'll tell you how it goes lol.

    Maybe I'll cut light element and pump Jackyl. He's bad ass damage.
  5. TheHolyGuy Member

  6. Margatroid Extreme Fag (EXTREME!!)

  7. TheHolyGuy Member


    not enuff sp. Should drop Ancient Library for it?
  8. Margatroid Extreme Fag (EXTREME!!)

    Your call. EMM is pretty useful without friendly, but obviously would be way more awesome with. But your build already utilizes max lollipop and lucky feeling, so maybe you won't need it as much.

    After Witch update EMM fail still bounces 4 targets, making it pretty bomb even without befriend florae. Honestly though, if this is supposed to be a post-witch update build then you already saved 30 SP from a free Shururu level (and it is, since you've got lucky feeling in there).

    I honestly don't know where to cut from though. 181 SP is either level 9 Befriend Florae or level 9 Ancient Library.

    I feel that we might get level 60 uncap before witch update, and that means you'd save another 60 SP from not getting the passive.

    Hell, you might as well get 1 level in broomstick spin for massive electrocution damage.
  9. TheHolyGuy Member

    After 60 cap, will I be able to have AM, Florae, and AL maxed?
    Also, should Ice Car be left at lvl 1 forever? I feel like it should be maxed for damage output
  10. Margatroid Extreme Fag (EXTREME!!)

    Yeah fixed damage means you should probably level it.

    But I don't know about the level 60 cap question. Try it out yourself I guess.
  11. TheHolyGuy Member

    60 cap doesn't provide enough sp for maxed AM+AL+Florae since there are other skills that are higher priority.
    I could also cut manashield down to 1, but I don't know if I need lvl 1 or lvl 5
  12. Margatroid Extreme Fag (EXTREME!!)

    You could always just cut down somewhere and QQ for a bit until season 2 update.
    I replicated most of my builds in season 2 skill builder at level 60 cap and found that my witch will always have about 1500 sp left over. Which I spent for level 10 mana shield and phase shift. Then poured into half of a third element.
  13. rinuskoe New Member

    Hey all,

    Thinking about this build for post witch patch and 60 cap:

    Will this work? I'm totally leaving EMM out of the build to go somewhat intel stacking. Cancel - MM is there to account for 1lvl of awakening. Jackyl 15 is there mainly for boss pulling, not damage. The problem is though, will MM spam be enough dmg to support the aoes?

    Thanks for help!
  14. saccharin That one crazy witch

    EMM really is one of your best PvE moves, so by removing it you're seriously gimping yourself.
  15. Ovi New Member

    ice/dark PVP build?

    so, I recently started playing DFO about a month ago and I currently have a dark/fire hybrid.. bleh. it's fine for now, but I would really like to create a ice/dark PVP witch for funsies.

    only thing is.. I feel like a lot of the ice/dark skills overlap some. hmmm.

    so, this is what I came up with:


    BM for defense, Swatter for combos, SD being the focus rather than DD (just for the heck of it..) scrub, scrub, scruuuub & some DRILL. oh, and the Disenchantment is for post witch patch.. when it actually becomes useful. >_> (p.s. - Grav for launching, BM as they come down, scrub.. etc?) or at least an escape if things get too heated.

    no LP, no shururu, no jackyl. Used SP elsewhere to max befriends, BM & AM/AL, etc. (+int and +mana. yumm. although, I doubt I'll need the mana boost, unless MS rapes my mana.. anyway.. so I guess I could probably relocate those points to a distance skill, something that'll draw them in. so many possibilities. Frosty's Head, anyone? just for sticking to ice/dark.. you know.. follow through. :x)

    my biggest reservation right now is the lack of distance abilities. this is straight up in your face-ish. no EMM or anything to be like, "heyyyy! over hereee, punk!" although I do think that there shouldn't be any problem with close-ish quarters area control.

    I must admit that even I think it looks boring, buuut.. just a random latenight though. bleh. a little delirious, so.. night, night.

    any comments?
  16. saccharin That one crazy witch

    ice/dark PVP build?

    hnnngnngghhh oh god I came at that int
  17. Rawrrr Bitch.

    ice/dark PVP build?

    That's nothing.

    110 Int anyone?
  18. BlanixTheBlood Perfect hair

    ice/dark PVP build?

    What is swatter summon damage based on? And does the hunter become weaker per-level or stronger with the rest of the summons?

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