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General Witch Discussion

Discussion in 'Mage' started by Holypie, May 10, 2010.

  1. saccharin That one crazy witch

    I think hit rate and evasion are separate...
  2. geenareeno Not gReenareeno

    Even if you don't have a 20% chance to miss, you have a 17% chance to miss and then a 3% chance that they will evade. Making it a 20% chance that you will not hit them.
  3. MelodyInsanity {The Unimaginative Title}

    Why do you have all four masteries? You should only choose 2, or even 3. But 4 is just bad idea. Also at least 1 in manashield and phase shift is good. Saved my life a ton of times. It sounds like you're trying to go fire ice, with a minor in light. You could drop darkness completely except 1 manteau (you won't need flyswatter for pve builds), and drop florae mastery, and pick up 1 broomstick spin. It's percentage damage, so you don't have to level it up too much. I have maxed (for the cap) florae, and even without the befriend, does nice damage. After all that you get 366 (though planner's short some) sp left over. You could spend 250 of that in Ancient Library if you remember to buff, or don't find it annoying. If you're like me and are forgetful of buffing for AM, or it's too slow for wearing leather and you find it annoying in general, you could spend 200 instead on magic crit. Also, magic crit has diminishing returns, so you might wanna just get the right away crit. Even 1 dust is extremely useful, and magic crit will always add to your scrubs, but back attack probably will not. Also back attacking with drills are hard. Then you have either 116 or 166 sp left over for things like disenchant, more mana shield, more jacky, etc. Also, I got rid of ancient library after lethe bell, and I don't regret it. Because I'm selfish. For reference, this is the build I use. I have max jacky becasue I felt like it. No real reason, except he's only there to live long enough to debuff for main portion of my AoEs, and in higher level dungeon he dies anyways. I don't recommend that though.
    http://www.aradsociety.com/planner/...vSoxMkxNkxOdxRbxSnxWfxXbxYkyAqyBlyEdyGg9Nj9Pb (btw the missing sp is suppose to go to max the crit)

    I WOULD recommend ancient memory though. It's a big damage boost.
    for library, already stated
    Snow dust, dusts are usually maxed for freeze or hitstun. It's usually left at 1 or 3 for the acid rain pre-req
    Jacky can be kept at 1 just for the movement and such. I already told you, it's unconventional to have it maxed right now.
    Already addressed magic crit.
    Witch patch? I would guess so too. But I still pray that it's soon.
    Cubeless builds basically focus around lava, rain, emm, and mm. They basically use their int buffs, lay down the 2 aoes, and spam the 2 missiles. They do enormous damage.

    But I might be wrong on lot of things. You might want to listen to people with more experience like tempo or sacc.

    Edit: Also, greenaro, not necessarily true. The two are independent, meaning they can happen at the same time. L> Rhaeven to do math.
    2nd Edit: I mean greenarino. Screw Ring.
  4. LtDrebin New Member

    Stupid me, I posted the wrong build. Here's the real one: http://www.aradsociety.com/planner/?class=witch#050:uLevSoxMkxRbxOdxNkyAqxSdxWfyBlxYlxXbyGgyEd

    So it's pretty much between AM and magic criticals. From Rheaven's post about the two in DFOs, it seems that they're both pretty similar in terms for damage boosts. As for AL, I probably won't need it for myself (I have mp regen avatars), but it will stop teammates from bitching at me for not having it...

    Or I could skip AM, AL, and magic crits and buff up EMM with befriend florae. So many choices...
  5. MelodyInsanity {The Unimaginative Title}

    Ignore them. Tell them you don't have it. As you level up, hopefully less people will yell at a you about that.
  6. Jormungandr SUPER SWORD

    This is the witch build I have atm: http://www.aradsociety.com/planner/...vSfxKkxMkxRdxOdxPbyAfxSdxUnxWfyBbxYlxXbyDgyEd

    I'm wondering what I should spend the rest of the sp into. I want awakening, so I guess I'll have to save 50 + 80 for 2 in the other befriends, but there's still a lot left. I was debating between AL, AM, Mag crit, and disenchant. I've heard that AL gives a huge int boost later on, so I was wondering if it was useful now.
  7. AiNoMinako Poke Poke Poke

    that int boost happens later so rite now u can get it for mp or mp for pts
  8. HBKForever New Member

  9. conewicci I dun goofed.

    So... I decided to make a PvE Witch, Ice/Light. I kinda... forgot most of the Witch stuff I've learned before, so... is this okay? I used the extra SP on maxing other skills, I don't really like AM... but does Magic Rear Crit actually go off with Lava/Acid? Might be worth maxing then.

    Maxed Florae is because it's PvE, monsters tend to run into attacks anyways, so no problem setting it up... everything else, I believe is fairly normal. Snow Dust is just because... while I do like the extra damage on Death Dust, that Snow Dust could possibly be really helpful, just aerial-freeze the whole mob-Lolipop-EMM, and then whatever the hell, if they survive a maxed EMM normal/sleeper. ;D

    With the extra SP, I can max off Lucky Feeling (if of course, we don't get a Lethe's Bell by then.)
  10. Soltis Carried by Sandors

    I'm going to be quick and blunt to get through this quick; That build is pretty horrible.

    PVE but 1 in gravitas and 1 in lava? max swatter and 1 gravitas with no pluto befriend? All of these are really bad decisions.

    Honestly dark just in general is not that effecient for PVE.

    No manashield.. and 5 in jacky? when only 3 is needed for lava heh.

    Max snow dust is worth the SP investment imo. Not only has Rhaeven proved that the damage scaling is somewhat mediocre(thread on dfos about dusts), but just the amount of points into a melee move is rather, ineffecient imo when witch has so many good AoE dmg moves.

    In the overall, AM is somewhat better than mcrit since you already get the "sweet spot" with mcrit by wearing concentration/apostle sets, and also since most witch moves are fixed damage and damage added from INT tends to "pierce" as in not be affected by mob's reduction. This isn't an end all be all for a build though.

    But anyway yea, imo go with either something like this;

    Build A 50cap
    Build A 60cap

    Or something like this;

    Build B 50cap
    Build B 60cap

    Note that their is 50SP missing from planner in 50cap from our eventual awakening quest line and some other things.

    The first build is actually what I use on my witch Aerostar.
    When it comes to PVE, having shururu lava and rain will allow your own little "circle of hell" for the mobs, as lava and rain together with shururu debuff deal a ton of damage especially when spread across multiple mobs. The tier3s also eventually help with damage+holding the mobs in the aoe(champs/boss and/or shururu dies).

    There's not many skills you get in PVE just for utility, but death dust and snow dust are some of them. Just having 1 of each is enough to alternate between them fulltime and get a good boost in dmg.

    The 2nd build has alot of open SP, mostly because I wasn't sure where to put it exactly. If you really don't think you'll care for AM, in the 60cap of the 2nd build theres enough SP left for max mcrit plus max AL, which eventually gives an INT bonus come witch patch I believe.
  11. conewicci I dun goofed.

    I'ma follow your build. Thanks for the help. And most of the stuff there was because I forgot how to play a Witch. So... yeah.
  12. Beowins New Member

    What are my options after a Manteau?

    I've still yet to figure this out, and I think it's one of the main reasons I hate the skill so much...

    Only about 50% of the time can I scrub after Manteau
  13. Margatroid Extreme Fag (EXTREME!!)

    Manteau -> Backstep + Flyswatter. Works everytime if you're fast enough.
    Manteau -> Uppercut -> Flyswatter. The flyswatter fails if they quick rebound so always try to keep track of their cooldown on it.
    Manteau -> Charge Palm Blast. You can superarmor through them and it'll give you another scrub opportunity.

    Jackyl -> Manteau. If someone is running at you full speed, jackyl first and then manteau. They'll get caught in the explosion.

    Overall though, don't use manteau as an offensive move. Its a defensive one, usually reserved for enemies that are rushing, or enemies using a powerful attack that you need to smack out. Its also got invulnerability frames, so you can use it to avoid taking damage from certain moves (example, AMR delayed explosion).
  14. Beowins New Member

    They always QR my upper after Manteau. same with backstep swatter.

    Never thought of Palm Blast though
  15. Margatroid Extreme Fag (EXTREME!!)

    Palm Blast is a trade, since you'll probably take a hit on standing. Use it only if you're at an advantage.

    If you do backstep swatter fast enough QR shouldn't be a problem. Though if you can't just uppercut. Its an easy solid strike.
    Always watch for their QR cool down.
  16. saccharin That one crazy witch

    Problem with manteau being used defensively because of the lag nowadays. It's horrendously unreliable sometimes.

    Personally I've given up on scrubbing a lot of the times, and simply do a full cxxxx and then manteau while they're falling. I've never had a manteau whiff when they're falling down. After that, it's the standard, backstep swatter or uppercut backstep swatter. scrub is a bit too risky imo.

    If your reflexes are fast enough, backstep and if they are QR-ing just do a airdash past them, putting you behind them, free crossup. (assuming it's not a priest lolGWL).

    Also, mindgames. Do a standing swatter. the delay on it will be long enough that they'll let go of qr before the swatter actually hits the ground.

    also, you can trade swatters if there's a bit of delay.
  17. Beowins New Member

    Lol I standing swatter all the time. 90% of the time it's met with a "lol he missed his backstep key" in chat

    my face irl: :3
  18. Margatroid Extreme Fag (EXTREME!!)

    Now. We all know the Priest Patch is coming this fall, and with it MIGHT come an SP reset.
    If an SP reset isn't offered, thats fine. I'll just reset myself anyways.

    Anywhere in the time frame of before-or-after-the-priest-patch should be a level uncap considered we've QQ'd about it enough to Nexon.

    And since leveling after 45 has proven to be a total hell, I've decided to go for a pve build. But not just any ordinary pve build... a 4 element pve build.

    Level 50 Cap.


    Level 60 Cap.


    Keeping all other skills at minimum I will only max the final four skills, and REVOLVE them around in a cycle. Nothing in any dungeon will ever stand in my way again. EMM and Broomspin is still scaled by weapon, and its not like my scrubbing won't take care of the weaker targets and the in-between periods of cool downs.

    I help keep cool downs low with Magical Festival (which I plan I leveling up with Manaholic Coat). There should only be a few seconds between each spell, so all I have to do is kite a bit.

    So my question is this:

    Ancient Memory, Ancient Library, or Indom Spirit?

    Ancient Memory: Making me even more destructive.
    Ancient Library: These behemoth spells are probably gonna result in liver cancer, what with all the MP pots I'll chug.
    Indom Spirit: Don't want to be smacked out of a cast, considered the massive cool down of every skill I'll be using, right?
  19. Soltis Carried by Sandors

    Hmmm, I'm not going to spend much time on this since I think you've already considered most of the pitfalls of this build, but;

    You're prepared to either lose alot of INT by having to stack mp/min and/or pot like hell yea? even with AL probably

    You've taken into account the fail rate on tier3s? it'll be 25% when lollipop isnt up(assuming no +wpns/tops) and 5% when it is.

    Collider is the one T3 whose duration increases with each level, so may want to reconsider having it as the only one not maxed.

    I'm not gonna go any further than that, since you probably realize how unorthodox this is. Just make sure to utilize lava/rain where you can I suppose, for extra damage and the resistance down.

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