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Frequently Asked Questions

Discussion in 'Questions' started by Sie_Sayoka, Jul 27, 2010.

  1. Sie_Sayoka Public Enemy #1


    Useful Links:
    Arad Society Skill Build Planner
    ASPS Skill Planner
    DFO World Wiki
    Japanese DnF Wiki w/ Google Translation
    Arad Avatar Simulator
    English Avatar Simulator
    DFO Resizer

    Mage Mp/Min gear

    Frequently Asked Questions

    [hide=Skill Related Questions]
    What does Indomitable Spirit do?
    It is basically a super armor, you will not get knocked down when casting (blue bar above head) but you are still able to be grabbed. This is most beneficial to magic PvP builds.

    What does Ancient Memory do?
    Nexon screwed up. Switch the int and the number of seconds around. Ancient memory will always last 20 seconds. The amount of int it will give rises 15 per level. Meaning that when maxed it will give 150 int for 20 seconds.

    I can't charge Star in the Sky no matter how many times I mash Z!" or "Star in the Sky is really weak, even when I charge it!
    There is a typo in the description of Star in the Sky. It SAYS to repeatedly tap the skill key (z), but in actuality you need to tap the basic attack key (x) and the hotkey you assigned Star In The Sky to. You'll know it's working if your exorcist begins to shake more rapidly. When fully-charged, there is a slide-whistle noise on impact, and the enemy sprite spins as it flies away.

    [hide=Game Mechanics]What does casting speed affect?
    Casting speed makes your skills with the blue bar above your head cast faster. It will not affect anything else, this is most useful for magic users.

    What does attack speed affect?
    Attack speed makes you use XXX (Basic combo) faster, as well as using skills faster. It does not affect cooldown.

    What does the quality (Inferior, Weak, Ordinary, Exceptional, Superior) of an item mean?
    The quality of an item only affects its physical stats (Physical/Magical attack, Physical/Magical Defense) nothing else. Str/Int/Vit/Spir is not affected in any way by the quality, these are determined randomly. The amount of durability lost is the same for all items and has nothing to do with quality. The physical stats usually overlap, you will often see a weak item having better defense than an ordinary.

    I need information on Enhancing/Upgrading an item.
    Wiki Article, Simulator

    How does Hit Recovery work?
    Hit recovery is how fast it takes you to recover from a hit. Slow weapons, such as gauntlets and greatswords have a high hit stun. This means that it will take you longer to recover, this time can be reduced by wearing hit recovery equipment. It should also be noted that slayers and fighters have higher hit recovery than other classes, and that some masteries will give it as well.

    How many characters can you make on one account?

    I have a quest that requires me to get a drop from the boss, but he hasn't dropped it! I think the quest is bugged.
    No, you're just unlucky. A lot of quest drops are not 100% just keep on killing the boss and he will eventually drop the item. Another thing to consider is that if you die, you cannot get the quest item. Remember you have to be alive to get items. Refer to this guide.

    I completed 2nd Spine and Seria said I have access to Alphelia Post now, however I still cannot enter it.
    This is glitched, you can solo it on normal or be the leader of the party and complete 2nd Spine. Either of these methods should grant you access if you are lv35+

    Note: Party Position DOES NOT matter, you DO NOT have to solo

    I have a quest that requires me to kill Isadora three times, but no matter how many times I kill her, nothing drops.
    There is a slight glitch, as the map recognizes more than one "Isadora" depending on where she spawns. You want to kill the one in the middle of the map.

    I can't seem to find Karkazaks in Shadow Thunderland anywhere!
    They are here.

    I finished the Hero's Challenge, but it won't let me pick the Tragedy Weapon I want! I can only choose the Slayer weapon!
    It is a graphical glitch. Carefully hover the mouse to the right of the Tragedy Weapon icons, and it should eventually highlight the correct one. If not, then press ESC and choose your weapon from the ordinary quest completion list. Note the mouse position in this example of selecting the totem pole: http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y185/Ridureyu/screenshots/dfoscreenshot00143.jpg

    I have completed Alberts Steal Skill quest but I can't learn anything, why is this?
    Sorry to say, but if you're a Mage or Priest you will not be able to steal skills. Why is this? Probably because these classes don't need to.

    I see there is a Grubeks call quest. It says that I cannot advance if I accept it, what does this mean?
    We have no idea what the hell it means, if you're the cautious type don't accept it. You don't get anything special such as sp or stat stones from it.

    I am doing the Hyper Jammer quest and I am required to find a bent titanium armlet, where can I find one?
    Either get one from a drop, buy one from a player shop or buy one from Sharan for 21k.

    Priests only have 3 subclasses, why?
    The 4th subclass (Avenger) just hasn't been developed, and there is no plan to. Even though the Korean DnF has female gunners, thieves and are developing alternative genders for other classes there is no hint that Avenger is being worked on.

    Where do I get Lightsabers/Boxing Gloves/Brooms/Hand Cannons from?
    You either find them in dungeons or buy them from other people, no NPC sells these except for Grubek (And you'll need PvP points and a lot of money)

    What is the best subclass to use as a farmer?

    Where would be a good place to farm?
    Drop Guide1 Drop Guide2

    Why is it that sometimes when I run Shallow Keep, I get slaughtered by a brawler APC, but sometimes I don't?
    The APC is Sewer Princess Faris, and she only appears in the lower-left hand corner (not one of the bottom "branches") if you run the map in a counter-clockwise fashion. To illustrate this, look at the map below, based on either starting position. "S" is where you start, "E" is where Faris will show up.

    [Hide=Technical Questions]
    I am lagging very badly and cannot party with anyone or PvP!
    Turn off all other programs (X-Fire, Anti Virus, Window Updater, Porn Downloading) DFO uses a P2P connection system, which means if you're still lagging, you're boned.

    I am getting a black screen when I enter a room in a dungeon, what is happening?
    Lag, either on your end or conflict with another person within your party. This sometimes goes away after a few seconds, however it may persist until the lagger leaves the dungeon.

    I keep on getting this 7z.exe error! It happens randomly or when I get disconnected, how can I fix this?
    If you have Vista or Windows 7, I'm sorry to say that you cannot fix it. Read more on it here

    How do you Change DFO into window mode and back into Full Screen Mode?
    To change to window mode is "//window" and Full screen is "//full" (without the quotes)

    I log in and the channel list is empty! What is going on?
    Check to see if Nexon is doing maintenance, do not make a new thread about it.

    How do I get more hotkeys?
    Press "o" and check expand hotkeys (If you did not change the keyboard) or click on system menu (Screwdriver and wrench button at the bottom middle) settings, check expand hotkeys.

    What does signature rotation do?
    It enables or disables the switching of PvP ranking and Level by peoples names.

    How long do I have to wait until I can use a name from a deleted character?
    One week, name resets when server resets.

    [hide=Crafting Questions]
    How do you see to make the materials you need for a recipe?
    To see the materials you need. You Right-Click the recipe.

    How do I get materials to craft a recipe? (ie. Exceptional Hardeners, Linus' Passes, Stone of Clarity)
    You buy forge passes from either Cinda or Linus (depending on which one you need) You can refine materials by having Rodger craft them.

    Does an item crafted have a chance to become upgraded?
    Yes, usually, but not always you will get the crafted item already upgraded. The number of upgrades usually range from +1 to +7 however on rare occasions you can get +12 or +13 as well.

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    the sp amount for arad planner is NOT correct it is off by 50 sp
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    Outdated, the new lag system prevents this very nicely
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    Under PvE you mixed up the letter A with S.
    And about Grubeck's call doesn't it say you cannot advance till you finish the quest?
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    i like it but i cant do anything with just the english names i want the icons >_<
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    Changes have been made.
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    That's the ASPS skill planner in the guide.
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    I just posted that lol.
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    Here's the additional content I had in my own early guide. Combing this, with the topic post, and Dragon Dice's newbie FAQ would be a good idea.

    What's the best way to level up?

    Do quests, play at higher roads of difficulty (Expert's, Master's, King's Road), join a party, and get higher mission ranks (SSS, SS). At higher levels soloing may provide more experience for the time spent and for the fatigue spent, but at low levels quest experience outweighs mission and kill experience. Additionally, at low levels focusing on finishing a mission is typically more rewarding than clearing all dungeon rooms. Once you get to level 30, repeateable Daily quests become available. These quests can be done once per day and reward experience for completion. Doing these quests (with a party) provides the best experience gain for your time.

    How do I get a high Style Score?

    Style is a combination of three things: Combos, Aerials, and Duals. Each time you do one of these three things you will be awarded with Style points. Style points
    are counted three different ways. First whenever you perform a style-manuever (i.e., a combo, aerial, or dual) you will get a number of points which appear on the right side of the screen. Secondly, on the right side of your screen should be a Style counter that is measured in percentages. Lastly, at the end of a dungeon your performance will be ranked out of 70 points. These scores are all consistently related to each other, but the different ways of displaying them can lead to confusion.

    Combo - Points are rewarded for comboing, hitting enemies repeatedly in fast succession. The higher your combo, the more points you get. Combos must be at least 5 hits before they count. Additionally, you earn points for each multiple of 5 hits in a combo, so combos of length 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 are all worth the same amount. Combo points contribute 30 points to your Style total (or 42.5% of your percentage Style score).

    Aerial - Hitting enemies in the air or while they are bouncing from a lift attack. Aerials contribute 30 points to your Style total (or 42.5% of your percentage
    Style score).

    Dual - Two or more allies hit the enemy at the same time. Duals contribute 10 points to your Style total (or 15% of your percentage Style Score). However, duals are NOT implimented, so the maximum Style score is 60 points, but is graded out of 70 points. Hence your maximum percentage Style score is 85%.

    To maximize your Style score focus on aerial combos. Also, consider removing your weapon or using a weaker weapon to increase the length of your combo chains. Since the amount of style points you earn depends upon the number of hits in your combos, doing less damage per hits allows you to do more hits, and this increase your style points. As you level up your damage will increase reducing the potential length of your combos, as a result your style score will go down. The basic Style move would be to perform an aerial and then hit 4 times. This will increase your aerial and combo counters. Lastly, if your damage is too high even without a weapon you can use fatigue to lower your stats and run the dungeon that way.

    How do I do aerials?

    Use your uppercut/launching move and then attack when your enemies are in the air. Alternatively, attack enemies that your party members have launched into air with their own uppercut/launch moves.

    The following moves launch enemies into the air (there are others, but these are the basic moves):

    Gunner: Jack Spike, Rising Shot, rapid attacking with a rapid firing gun
    Mage: Weapon Uppercut
    Slayer: Upward Slash
    Priest: Giant Weapon Launcher, Second Uppercut
    Fighter: Muse's Uppercut

    How do I get a high Technique score?
    Technique is a combination of three things: Back Attacks, Counters, and Overkills. Each time you do one of these three things you will be awarded with Technique points. Technique points are counted three different ways. First whenever you perform a technique-manuever (i.e., a back attack, counter, or overkill) you will get a number of points which appear on the right side of the screen. Secondly, on the right side of your screen should be a Technique counter that is measured in percentages. Lastly, at the end of a dungeon your performance will be ranked out of 70 points. These scores are all consistently related to each other, but the different ways of displaying them can lead to confusion.

    Back Attack - Hit an enemy in the back. Crossups, wherein you overlap the enemy and attack the rear of the enemy may also work. Back Attacks contribute 30 points to your Technique total (or 42.5% of your percentage Techinque score).

    Counter - Hit the enemy when they start their attack animation, but before they attack. Counters contribute 30 points to your Technique total (or 42.5% of your
    percentage Technique score).

    Overkill - The final hit on an enemy does 30% or more of their total life. Overkills contribute 30 points to your Technique total (or 42.5% of your percentage
    Technique score).

    To maximize your Technique score focus on doing these three things. Back Attacks are most easily achieved when fighting with a party; otherwise they are tricky to get without minions, lots of speed, or fleeing enemies. Counters are easily achieved once you have sufficient experience with monster attack patterns and your own attacks, but require time and patience to achieve this experience. Overkills are the easiest to achieve, just use single hit high damage attacks to finish off enemies. As you level up your damage increases making Overkills more common, as a result your technique score will also go up.

    Why do my Technique and Style Percentage Scores decrease?

    For every room you enter you'll need more Technique and Style points to achieve the same Technique and Style percentage scores. Also, the Technique and Style percentage displays do not immediately update upon entering a new room. You'll have to do something that changes your Dungeon rank (i.e., hit a monster or be hit by a monster).

    How do I complete the <AreaName> Bet quests (i.e., the timed quests) easily?
    Perform these quests on the lowest level (normal). Go with a party. Level up. Go straight to the boss. When in the boss’s room, ignore the other enemies and focus solely on the boss.

    How do I increase my mission rating?

    Don't get hit. Get high Technique and Style Scores. If you die and spend a token, the number of hits you have taken are reset to 0. This resets your characters hit count and may result in an increase in your score.

    How is mission Rank calculated?

    Mission Rank is the sum of your Style Points and Technique Points minus the number of hits based on all party members. Technique and Skill Points have a maximum of 70 points each. Style points are limited to 30 points from Combos, 30 points for Aerials, and 10 points for duals attacks (not implimented, so your maximum is 60 points for Style). Technique points are limited to 20 points from Counters, 20 points from Back Attacks and 30 points from Overkills. Additionally, the number of rooms you have entered increases the number of Style and Technique points you need to achieve a percentage score. Likewise entering a new room reduces the relative penalty of being hit.

    Why should I try to achieve high dungeon ranks?
    Higher Ranks increase the experience reward for the mission (5% more experience per rank above C) and are necessary for unlocking higher level difficulties.

    Rank Score Experience Bonus
    F 0 - 34
    E 35 - 44
    D 45 - 54
    C 55 - 64
    B 65 - 74 5%
    A 75 - 84 10%
    S 85 - 94 15%
    SS 95 - 104 20%
    SSS 105 - 140 30%

    What are these treasure chests, barrels, and pots?
    They are just a different type of breakable item, nothing more. They sometimes contain fairies, traps, or drop items. Fairies and traps are consistently located in the same objects, although they may not show up in every dungeon run.

    How do I complete GSD's Mind's Eye Quests (i.e., the avoid taking hits) quests easily?
    Do the mission on normal, at a higher level, or with a decent party.

    How do I get access to Expert, Master Class, and Kings Roads?
    To gain access to a stage on Expert, you must defeat the boss on normal.
    To gain access to a stage on Master Class, you must defeat the boss on Expert and get a B or higher.
    To gain access to a stage on Kings, you must defeat the boss on Master Class and get an S or higher. You can also skip straight to unlocking Kings (and all other
    levels) if you join a party who runs Master's Road and finishes with an S or higher. Running King's Road will NOT unlock anything, regardless of performance.

    What's up with misses?

    Misses are when an enemy completely blocks an attack, the animation goes off and any projectiles are destroyed but the enemy takes no damage. The miss rate
    increases as the difficulty of the level increases, and is also affected by the level difference between you and the enemy. The high miss rates in high difficulty areas frustrate many players because enemies are able to interrupt combos and attack without giving the player much of a chance to avoid the attack. High miss
    rates encourage players to take more hits or to play more conservatively to avoid them. Classes relying on chaining melee combos are the most susceptible to misses. Some classes offer skills that have reduced or eliminated miss chances. Likewise some equipment items offer reduced miss chances.

    What's up with attack and cast speed?
    The faster you can attack or cast spells the better. This gives you a higher chance of starting your attack before your target does, which reduces the chance of
    your attacking landing and interrupting your enemy's attack. These stats are highly valued on items and avatars.

    When I break items in a dungeon sometimes fairy's come out, what do they do?

    When a character moves over a fairy it grants a one-time bonus. If a fairy has a heart next to it it affects the entire party, otherwise it only affects the
    character that touched it. The bonuses are:

    * HP heal: 30%, 50%, or full
    * MP heal: 30%, 50%, or full
    * HP and MP heal: 30%, 50%, or full
    * Bless: Increases strength, stamina, intelligence, and spirit.
    * Haste: Increases moving and attack speed.
    * Super Armor: Ignores knock-back moves.
    * Invisibility: Invincible from any form of attack. Side-effects from consumable items are still applied.

    Some fairies are larger than other faires, but there doesn't seem to be any difference in their effects. These larger fairies tend to be located in the same objects
    in the same dungeons.

    What are those cards at the end of the mission?
    These are the mission bonus rewards cards. The reward on each card is dependent upon the level you defeat plus the number of minibosses that you defeated. The more minibosses the better the loot. You automatically get one of the top cards for free, and you also have the ability to buy an extra card on the bottom for the listed price. The general consensus is that you should not buy them unless you played on a high difficulty level and killed several minibosses.

    What is this about mentoring?
    Not implemented.

    What is the Noob-o-meter?
    It is a way of reducing power leveling. If you party with a player 7 or more levels higher you get reduced experience and gold. This may or may not be active based on events Nexon is hosting. The Noob-o-meter also has no effect if you are partying with a guild member.

    How do I get more tokens?

    Characters have two different types of tokens, normal tokens and free tokens. There is no way to distinguish between the two of them. Free tokens are limited to
    three tokens and are renewed at the start of each day (at 6 PST) to a maximum of three free tokens. Normal tokens are never renewed, once spent they are gone forever. When you spend a token, you use your free tokens first. After spending three tokens you are then spending normal tokens. If you don't want to spend normal tokens, only use three per day. You can buy more of tokens from the Item shop for real money. You can also gain tokens by being in a guild when it levels up.

    Where are the skill trainers?

    Priest - Grandis - Downtown Passage
    Slayer - G.S.D. - Hendon Myre Lane
    Gunner - Kiri the Lady - Hendon Myre Downtown
    Fighter - Punjin - Hendon Myre Downtown
    Mage - Sharan - West Coast Mage Guild

    Should I buy gold or levels from this nice young person named asdfasdfas?
    Probably not. These are individuals who are trying to sell services and gold for real money. This is against Nexon Policy. Additionally, there is a higher chance of
    being hacked if you interact with them.

    How do I forge my own items?
    You have to find an item recipe. They can be bought from players or found as drops. They are very rare. To forge the item you have to be at most one level lower than the item level. Materials for items can be bought from players, found in dungeons, or crafted from basic components from Rodger in West Coast.

    How do I upgrade my items?

    Talk to Kiri the Lady in Gendon Myre. She can enhance accessories, armor and weapons. The enhancements use Ryan Cokes and cost gold. Each level of enhancement has a different cost, and a different chance of success. The effect of failure depends upon the reinforcement level and type of item. Failing an upgrade can result in losing one reinforcement level, losing all reinforcement levels, and even destroying the item. Upgrading items is generally only done by rich players because the result is very luck dependent and expensive. White and Blue items will be destroyed when failing an upgrade past +7. Purple, Green, and Orange items will be destroyed when failing an upgrade past +10.

    Accordingly, assuming infinite attempts, infinite gold, and infinite Ryan cokes, cumulative chance of successfully upgrading Purple (or better) item without destroying it is:

    Level Cumulative chance

    +1 to + 10 100%
    +11 41.4%
    +12 14.0%
    +13 3.9%
    +14 0.8%
    +15 0.14%
    +16 0.019%
    +17 0.0019%
    +18+ really, really small

    So, on average upgrading a weapon from +0 to +16 would take 52631 weapons.

    What does the quality of an item do?

    The quality refers how good an item is. The ranks are: Inferior < Weak < Original < Exceptional < Superior. These ranks indicate the total bonuses that the item
    has. If an item has multiple bonuses, this refers to the SUM of all of the bonuses. This means that an Inferior item may have one bonus that is higher than a
    Superior items bonus. There is also a belief that the quality of the item effects the rate of durability loss. This however has NOT been verified in a reliable
    manner and probably is just a false rumor.

    What does it mean when I try to equip and item and it asks if I want to unseal the item?

    Rare weapons are bound to the first player who equips them. If you want to sell it, do not wear it. Items can now be resealed using a cash shop item, but it is very expensive to do so.

    Where do I buy things?

    All 4-11 Seria
    Cloth & Leather 13-25 Canna
    Light & Heavy 13-25 Cinda
    All 35-40 Valena

    2-10 Linus
    Mage 8-25 Lorianne
    25-35 Kargon
    35-40 Rino
    25-35 Grubeck (costs Victory points)

    Thrown Items
    1-23 Siusha

    Grubeck (costs Victory points)

    11-20 Manjin
    25-30 Arin
    35-40 Pokin

    4-11 Seria
    8-25 Lorianne
    30-35 Sharan
    35-40 Mintai

    Where do I buy a Silk Armguard?

    From Lorianna in West Coast, i.e., the lady who asked you to get one.

    Where do I buy a diamond ring?

    Grubeck, the goblin in the alley in Hendon Myre.

    Where do I get healing items?

    No shop sells recovery items for plain gold. You do have several options, though:

    Grubeck the Goblin in the Back Alley of Hendon Myre sells recovery items in exchange for Victory Points. Victory points are PVP rewards.
    Siusha in the tavern offers repeatable low level quests for healing items. The early quests require drops from trees (just hit them) and come in pairs, do the second one for better exchange rates. Once players can visit Sky Tower they can do the repeatable Elven Drake Champaign quest from Suisha for good qualty healing items. Higher level players have access to other NPCs which offer repeatable quests for higher level healing items.
    Buy them from the Auction house or from player shops in the Trade Channel.
    The item shop where you can buy them for real money.
    The best solution is to learn to avoid taking damage. Also, by running dungeons on difficulties where you don't need to use items you can build up a supply of

    healing items for tougher dungeons.

    Where can I buy broomsticks, Boxing gloves, and Lightsabres?

    These items are not sold in NPC shops, you'll have to find them as drops or buy them from players via player shops or the Auction House.

    How do I get cube fragments and Elemental Crystals?

    Cubes fragments are the result of using Loton's Disassembler to destroy equipment (i.e., grinding). You can also obtain them from quests from Loton. White items
    generate clear cube fragments. Blue items generate colored cube fragments. Green and Purple items generate low grade elemental crystals. DO NOT grind orange
    items. In later patches the results from grinding these items changes and you'll want these new components to buy awesome new equipment.

    How do I get full cubes?

    Take 100 cube fragments of the correct color and your wallet to Roger Levin in West Coast. You can also buy them from the auction house.

    What do I use all these material items for?

    Clear cube fragments will be used for your high level skills. Stock up on them early and often. Roger Levin in the West Coast will convert base materials into more advanced materials. Some quests require them. You can craft items if you find the recipes. Lastly, other players will buy them.

    People keep sending me messages in yellow about how they will buy my Avatars, equipment, or crafting components, should I take them up on this offer?
    For the most part, people spam the server with megaphones to scam players with offensively lower prices. They will offer very low prices to take advantage of inexperience players, ignore them.

    Some guy just announced he is quitting the game and selling his items for 1 gold at Loton. Should I go buy his stuff?
    For the most part, these players are also scamming. They will offer items for 1 gold and for excessively high prices (1 million +). In their rush to take advantage
    of these 'great' deals players will often accidentally buy items for these inflated prices and lose money. Your best choice of action is to ignore them.

    Some guy just announced ..... Should .... ?
    For the most part, this is a scam. There are tons of people in DFO trying to take advantage of inexperience players. Play it safe and only go through with things
    after checking it out extensively. Also, if someone tries to pressure you into a deal in under 5 minutes they are probably scamming you.

    #Character Builds
    How do I change my character's visual appearance?

    Items that change your characters appearance are called avatar items. You will have to buy clothes and physical changes from Nexon using real money or purchase them from players using in game gold. These items also grant bonuses to stats. The 'gumball' machines (gachapon) in Hendon Myre sells these items for Nexon. The avatar you get is random within the category of the item you choose (i.e., hair). Most avatars last forever, however some only last a few days or weeks. Additionally some avatars cannot be traded.

    How do I reset my skills if I mess up my character?

    You automatically reset your skills at level 18 when you choose a subclass. After that you have to pay real money to change your skills. It currently costs $25 to
    reset your build. The best plan is to develop a character build at 18 and then redesign it as you gain experience in the class.

    Is there a site that hosts good builds?

    SSA Forum and DFOSource Forums are your best bets. Many players have many opinions, some of them are more valid than others. Take your time when making your build and READ the threads and guides to the classes.

    Where are good information sites about DFO?

    There are several wikis, with varying levels of content.
    The SSA Wiki has accurate information but is under developed.
    The DFO World wiki is fairly deveoped but contains invalid information.

    The gamefaqs forum is okay.
    The DFOSource forum is good.
    The SSA forum is good.
    The offical Nexon forum is horrible.

    Where can I find a talent calculator?


    Both of them have virtues and flaws.

    ##User Interface, In-game Concepts, Oddities, and Misc
    Does the type of armor matter?

    The type of armor you are wearing is extremely important. Make sure you are wearing the correct armor for your class. Each class has a different set (or sets) of
    armor they are skilled in. You can find this information in your general skill list. Do not wear armor that you do not have armor mastery for the loss of the
    bonuses is not worth it. It really does make a huge difference and every piece counts.

    What are fatigue points and how do I get more?

    Fatigue points limit the amount of rooms a player may enter. If you run out of fatigue you may no longer start a new dungeon. Fatigue is renewed to 156 at the
    beginning of each day. Entering a new dungeon room automatically consumes one point. Revisiting a previously entered room does not use additional fatigue.

    What are frustration points and how do I get less?

    Frustration points are penalties for failing to complete a dungeon. They lower your maximum health, mana, and ALL other stats for a period of time. Frustration
    restores itself over time (returns to full in 10 minutes?) or you can pay Siusha in the tavern to remove it for you. Do NOT run dungeons with frustration. Even if
    you use healing items to refill your life, your stats will still be very low. You'll take more damage from attacks and do less damage with your own attacks.

    How do I send an item to another character on my account?

    You can either get another player to hold the item while you log in with your other character or mail it to yourself. Mailing an item costs 1000 gold.

    Why is there a ~ (tilde) in the skill descriptions?

    The tildes are used to indicate a range of values, so 2-4 would mean 2, 3, or 4. This can lead to confusing descriptions such as the damage for magic missile.
    Example: Magic Missile 10's damage is: 59~118%+145~290. This means the attack does from 59% to 118% magic weapon damage plus another 145 to 290 non-elemental damage.

    What does it mean when I seal or unseal an ability?

    That ability will no longer respond to the key combination to use it. Thus if you seal Low Kick (down + z) it will no longer trigger when you press the key
    combination (down + z) it will however respond if it is set in your hotkeys (ASDFG...).

    Why would I seal an ability?

    Some abilities key combinations overlap in ways that makes them compete for responses, by sealing one you remove it from the available key combination moves you can do, and thus be able to reliably perform the move you wanted.

    What is the key combination for Magic Missile?

    There isn't one, you can only use it with its respective hotkey (ASDFG...).

    Do I have to use GoblinPad?

    Nope. It will continue to ask you, just ignore it if you don't want to use it.

    How can I cancel out of abilities with long activation times?

    Many of them you can't. Some of them allow you to end the ability early by pressing jump (c). Read the ability descriptions for more details.

    How do I get more skills on my user interface?

    Go to the options menu (o) and check the box for "Expand Skill Hotkeys".

    The default hotkeys are pretty annoying, (ASDF and F1,F2,F3,... and 1,2,3,4 and the cursor keys?) I need four hands to play. Can I do anything about it?

    Yes. First off you can remap keys. Second you can keep a list of the key combinations around until you know them without looking. Thus you can forward + z to suplex instead of hunting for the F key.

    How do I use windowed/full screen mode?

    Type //window in the chat bar to play windowed. Type //full to play in full screen.

    How do I PVP?

    Go to the Contents Menu and select Arena.

    Where do I find my level?

    Bottom left of the main user interface.

    Where do I find my experience progress?

    Green bar at the bottom of the main user interface.

    How do I make the interface go away?

    Press tab.

    Can I use a gamepad?

    Yes, but you'll have to use some third party programs to do it. Players have recommended: joy2key or expadder.

    What versions of Dungeon Fighter Online are there?

    Dungeon Fighter Online has four versions. Dungeon Fighter Online for North America, Dungeon & Fighter for Korea, Dungeon & Fighter for Taiwan and Arad Senki for Japan. The different versions of the game are different in content as well as localization changes. Many players are unhappy with the current state of Dungeon Fighter Online and find Dungeon & Fighter or Arad Senki to be much better. Nexon states that the games are different and they are working to make Dungeon Fighter Online better.

    Things to add:
    folder trick to automatically run in windowed mode.
    Total SP for level 60 including skill books
  13. NuMbA Light's Out

  14. geenareeno Not gReenareeno

    He wasn't talking about upgrading, and that chart is probably wrong.
  15. Thuvian Member

    I was talking about upgrading (kinda) and the chart was created using the same chart referenced. The listed chart describes the cumulative probability of achieving an upgrade of that rank without destroying the weapon. Upgrading to level 10 with a purple, assuming infinite attempts, is successful 100% of the time. Upgrading to level 11 is only successful 41.4% of the time, so the cumulative chance of success without destroying the item is 100% * 41.4% = 41.4%. Upgrading from 11 to 12 is successful 33.9% of the time, so the cumulative success of success without breaking the item is 100% * 41.4% * 33.9% = 14.03%. Etc.

    The chart was incorrectly labeled though. I will fix that.

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