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Discussion in 'Guild Advertising' started by saccharin, May 10, 2010.

  1. saccharin That one crazy witch

    Notice: There will be a guild event for when we reach 100 members. 10k NX event (details TBA) when we hit the 100 mark~

    Nx Event here: http://www.superswordaction.com/forum/showthread.php/135-FlyingLolis?p=19112&viewfull=1#post19112

    Hey guys, you knew I would make this guild.

    Currently only accepting witches. Minimum requirement is that you are at least class changed. No level 10 mages or something. PvP is preferable, but PvE is fine too.

    If I realize later that there are no witches, and even less PvP witches, I'll open up the guild to other mages as well. For all other mage subclasses, pre-requisite is at least level 30, and 1 level in leap. lol

    Officers: I'll select this at my discretion, or also g5+

    Senior Members: g2+

    Jr. Members: Everyone else

    Recruits: New people


    Active rule: We'd prefer you play relatively frequently. If you don't check your witch for more than a month, we'll eject her from the guild. Exception: If you inform one of the officers or me about your extended absence, you'll be fine. This rule is temporarily suspended because we are no longer limited on space

    Current capacity: 103/300


    We are also offering relatively cheap Ancient Dungeon runs (Vilmark/Relic Kings level etc). All you need to do is provide your own items for entry to the appropriate dungeon. PM Midori/Kyoko/AokoAozaki for further details. In the extremely unlikely event of a failure, we will repeat the dungeon for free.
  2. Shiki Cubeoholic

    I'll join once we get the 60 cap since I don't play on my Witch (with the haxdrill) or DFO for that matter for a while now.
  3. saccharin That one crazy witch

    Join anyways, and if we need space we'll kick you. :3
  4. MelodyInsanity {The Unimaginative Title}

    I'll like to join on my second witch, Meloddity. My main's staying with Stream though XD. Frees up more space for him, and I feel part of the witch community. Double win. ALSO, STREAM, I TOLD YOU TO FREAKING LOOK AWAY
  5. saccharin That one crazy witch

    message any of the sr members of officers.
  6. Tempo Tasteless

    Im a senior member too ;_;

    And flyinglolis is already feared in pvp. Midori and I were trading all kills in a 2v2 elim (Whoever went first got the all kill) for 2 hours, we only lost to Uni's new mech, it was perfect. Except midori died to ninja once, but then i perfected him :3
  7. Yandere Worst Witch of the West

    I was going to message Soltis, but then I realized Soltis isn't a senior member/officer. I don't think anyone other than you or Soltis would let a fail witch in.

    How come you're never on?
  8. saccharin That one crazy witch

    It's finals/dead week. I have exams coming up soon.
  9. Yandere Worst Witch of the West

    You can't fool me. I know what dastardly deeds you're really up to. I'll never let you get away with it!
  10. Kateya Pro Flame Kicks

    Flyinglolis are to be feared! indeed and i dont have one nor do i plan on making one but best of luck. You guys are heavy hitters D:
  11. saccharin That one crazy witch

    Anyone that's a senior member in FlyingLolis is a force to be reckoned with.
  12. saccharin That one crazy witch

    FlyingLolis 10k Nx Guild Event~



    Due to my guild now having 100 members (and here I thought we would have trouble reaching 50), I, as the founder of FlyingLolis, am hosting an event for my lovely witches.

    If you're not in my guild, alas, you cannot participate (obviously), but if you're a witch, you are in luck! Join my guild, it's not too late, and you too can participate in this chance at 10k Nx~

    Alternatively, you can have 10m. Your choice.

    Details: This will be a lottery, a contest, a PvP tournament, and PvE time trial, a trivia game, and a hide-and-seek contest all rolled into one.

    Each activity you successfully complete nets you one ticket to go into the lottery.

    Event Specifics:
    • PvP Trial by Fire: Defeat your Guild Master along with her lovely officers! Each GM/Officer defeated represents 1 ticket obtained. Submit a screenshot of the match results in this thread. One chance only, no "re-dos" allowed, unless there's massive lag or one of the players is dropped. PvP Rules: No items allowed except clear cube frags. No chairs. No awa- oh wait witches don't have awakenings fuuu. Feel free to have summon proc, though that's just your funeral because EMM punish. Damage reflection is okay (Gileimo is allowed). Note that the correspond Officer will have to confirm your match results as well.
    • Tower of Illusion Time Trail: Post a screenshot of your witch soloing the Tower of Illusion. Shorter times will net more and more lottery tickets. The exact scaling will be TBA, as I'm unsure of what represents a good time. Guaranteed 1 ticket for attempting, and 2 for completion.
    • Art Contest: Draw a picture of your witch. Pencil/Pen/Photoshop, whatever. Any medium is accepted. Sign your artwork. No commisioning this to other people, of course. One ticket guaranteed for the attempt. More tickets may be awarded if Officers/GM like it as well. Alternatively, you may submit a creative screenshot of your witch defeating a boss in a unique or interesting way. Boss must be of appropriate level though. No oneshotting with gravitas on Goblin Thrower.
    • Hide-and-Seek Contest: I've made a new witch-to-be, as well as a few of my officers. IGN: MissGreen, MsSunnymilk, Midori81, SupportTempo. One ticket for each screenshot with you and one of these mages that is VISIBLE. IE, you can't say "She's in that mass of people over there" the character must be at least partially visible. SupportTempo is a FS-sader to be, MsSunnymilk is a summoner-to-be
    • Trivia Game: TBD. Not sure if I even need any more events.

    All tickets will be put together and drawn on a TBD date.


    Also note, I will be hosting a 20k Nx guild event at 200 members, and a 30k Nx guild event at 300 members~

    More details as soon as finish finding all the details and conversing with my officers.

    Guild Recruitment Thread

    User Ticket counts:

    Ticket Count

    birdbird21 - 2
    Shiki - 2
    Soltis - 3
    DeadApostle - 5
    Infinitus - 3
    Astri - 4
    Jalm - 3
    FlightSeraph - 5
    Jasmina - 2

    birdbird21 - 2 tickets (SS of MsSunnyMilk and Midori81)
    Shiki - 10:12 Tower Run (tickets TBD) +2 Tickets
    Soltis - 3 tickets (artwork)
    DeadApostle - 4 tickets (artwork, SS of Midori) + Tower Run: 16:21 (+1)
    Infinitus - 8:48 +3 tickets
    Astri - 2 Tickets (SS of Midori and Sunnymilk) + Towers Run: 11:06 +2 Tickets
    Jalm - 3 tickets artwork
    Epoxide - Towers Run: 12:22 (nvm not in guild lol)
    FlightSeraph - Tower Run 8:07 +1 SS Midori + 1 SS MsSunnyMilk +3 Tickets
    Jasmina - 11:22 +2 tickets

    FlightSeraph - 8:07 -3
    infinitus: 8:48 -3
    shiki - 10:12 -2
    Astri - 11:06 - 2
    Jasmina: 11:22 - 2
    deadpostle: 16:21 - 1
  13. MelodyInsanity {The Unimaginative Title}

    FlyingLolis 10k Nx Guild Event~

    brb asking Stream
  14. Archie Mexocan

    FlyingLolis 10k Nx Guild Event~

    Saccharin is classist towards witches D=
  15. FenixStryk Member

    FlyingLolis 10k Nx Guild Event~

    I want 10k NX =<
  16. saccharin That one crazy witch

    FlyingLolis 10k Nx Guild Event~

    No, really?

    For what?

    Make a witch, join my guild.
  17. MelodyInsanity {The Unimaginative Title}

    FlyingLolis 10k Nx Guild Event~

    Urrrr for a temporary leave from the gulid
  18. Dante9898 ~Derail Master~

    FlyingLolis 10k Nx Guild Event~

    brb making a witch.... (Oh wait i don't even like dfo now :|)
  19. Panties New Member

    FlyingLolis 10k Nx Guild Event~

    I'll be like the only witch not in that guild .
  20. Straika Pokèmaster

    FlyingLolis 10k Nx Guild Event~

    I'll join on my witch Ohru. I've tried finding one of the officers/seniors but they're never on the characters you have listed here. :(

    Edit: Nevermind, I caught one of them.

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