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FGSFDS, pvp really is getting bad

Discussion in 'PvP Discussion' started by Deus, Sep 19, 2010.

  1. Deus flyingdogg

    and it isn't because hong wang lee bought gold and upgraded his gear to +12.

    Pvp is shit. Everyones so mad all the time. I remember in early beta when everyone was a bro and pvp was the place to make friends. Hell, i made a bunch of them in the 1st few months of dfo release. Now my blocklist keeps giving me the "ur blokc list is full lol" message, and my friend list is minimum.

    How do we solve this? Can pvp ever go back to the way it was?(for the first few months) or is it doomed to forever be at the mercy of raging 14 year olds who pm you with such atrocities:

    Wow, me and my next generation. God damn. and fyi, i didn't say shit. I try not to say shit these days because i don't wanna dip my tongue into the whirling pool of baby shit that is pvp conversations. Its funny sometimes, but then it gets out of fucking control and gets unfunny real fucking fast.

    So, what do we do? do we start spamming GLHF and GG before and after every match like broken record retards? no.
    Do we ignore it? no, we (and nexon too) ignored this shit and its getting worse like you couldn't fathom.

    Actually, is there anything that can be done at all, or is it a case of can't be helped haters gonna insult your next generation etc?

    i am tired of this bullshit. here's my suggestion: nexon just needs to stop adding words to their filter list and hurry the fuck up and add a "zero conversation bubble" option in pvp. you switch that motherfucker on, you CANNOT BE COMMUNICATED WITH by ANYONE unless they're on your friend list or guild when in pvp. you can talk to people but unless they're on your friend list or guild, they won't even see the chat bubble. that way, the worst you can be offended is by an expel notice.
  2. ArtSlay _________________________

    So a ranger beat another ranger and the other ranger got mad at the ranger and the ranger got mad too. Fun story bro.
  3. Villain85 Nightmare GM

    I think it stays pretty funny lol.

    I'd rather there be some honor in PvP, and it'd be cool if everyone would just give props, 'GG' and otherwise just STFU. But I suppose the QQ is just a part of any game. You got your players who can handle it and man up to their losses. And you got your emotionally crippled shut-ins who are smashing keyboards and feel the need to type out their rage because daddy didn't hug them enough.
  4. Ring "...that's my role."

    Another thread with a similar title, it's getting old.
  5. Stream Is Starting Anew.

    Deus rages at PvP ring;
    No problem with ranting about it IMO har har.
    He makes me for the 13 people who rage at PvP over at source @[email protected]

    And btw play with friends;
    And by play with friends I mean just have them in the room with the randoms alot more fun that way.
  6. geenareeno Not gReenareeno

    Dues = Heidi
  7. BlanixTheBlood Perfect hair

  8. geenareeno Not gReenareeno

    Oh thanks bro, missed that.
  9. StartwithH Ferocious Catlady!

    idk why people get mad at game and cant just have fun :(
  10. Proicio I cuss like a bugger.

    you make the best threads :>
  11. Running Wild SMASHAAAAAAAAA!!!

    PvP in this game sucks.

    Want a real fighting game?

    Go play Street Fighter.


    The best use for PvP in this game is to troll.

    Of course, you can troll in Street Fighter as well, pick Dan or Hakan and humiliate your opponent.
  12. Merryem Trollololol

    I made like 80% of my friends from PvP. One even gave me a bunch of avatars :D
  13. GreenTea New Member

    when was pvp not bad?
  14. BlanixTheBlood Perfect hair

    When they didn't make the game available to the US.
  15. GreenTea New Member

    they still complained about how unbalanced it was

    hello class patches
  16. Ring "...that's my role."

  17. Kudan Member

    Dan cant really be called trolling cause it takes actual skill to win with him (like me)
    Hakan can be really annoying
    if you wanna troll in streetfighter use the overused chars (ryu/ken/sagat/balrog/akuma/bison{somewhat})

    but really TheHotWoman xD
  18. Ring "...that's my role."

    dan is awesome
  19. Disowned Has a custom title >:O

    Everyone knows Rufus is the troll in SF4.
  20. Zacewing Creepy stalker type thing

    DFO PvP has always sucked. There's no such thing as good sportsmanship in Nexon games.

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