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Fail Regional Bonus...

Discussion in 'General DFO' started by liveordie56, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. liveordie56 New Member

    So this whole time i was wondering why my regional bonus never kicked in, thought it was just a glitch, but apparently I get regional bonus on western channels when i live on the east coast, anybody else having this situation too? :emoticon_question:
  2. Madyazoo Soul Flow

    same here. I live in Wisconsin yet i get western bonuses
  3. Heidi Member

    My proxy is located in Winsconsin and I am also getting the bonus for the west o_o
  4. Madyazoo Soul Flow

    argh Heidi, you're stealing my internetz!!

    On Topic: I wonder if they just mislabeled the two servers. I wouldn't doubt it.
  5. Tempo Tasteless

    I get bonuses in east even though kansas is suppose to be in the west, not really complaining though
  6. Lunar New Member

    same shit here, good thing they're adding more channels for us new westerners.
  7. Heidi Member

    Strange. Kansas is further west than Wisconsin, so it couldn't just be that they drew the line in the wrong place...
    I wonder how exactly they are identifying who lives in the west and who lives in the east anyway.
  8. liveordie56 New Member

    yea, i'm way east coast, i'm living in maryland and i'm getting the western bonus

    I was assuming they were identifying east and west based on host and ip, but yea

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