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Emotes and their key commands

Discussion in 'General DFO' started by caveman1097, Jul 5, 2011.

  1. caveman1097 Here to help ya guys ^_^

    As of the rebirth update there have been a large number of emotes added to the game. However, I have not found all keyboard commands for the emotes so I thought that the collective knowledge of SSA could help fill in the rest.

    If you don't know how to use these emotes it is quite simple. Just type the letter in between one of the quotes and press enter.
    Example: Typing N and pressing enter while in general or party chat will produce the insult emote.

    The list will be organized as follows:
    Picture Name -> "Buttons to use" (Quotes will not be used in the buttons)

    [IMG] Against ->

    [IMG] Agree -> "o","k","ok"

    [IMG] Angry ->

    [IMG] Bye ->

    [IMG] Cry ->

    [IMG] Disappoint ->

    [IMG] Discontent ->

    [IMG] EmoBalloon ->

    [IMG] Fear ->

    [IMG] Handclap ->

    [IMG] Heart ->

    [IMG] Hi ->

    [IMG] Insult -> "I","K","N"

    [IMG] Korea ->

    [IMG] LetsGo ->

    [IMG] LOL ->

    [IMG] Love ->

    [IMG] Oops ->

    [IMG] OverEat ->

    [IMG] Question -> "?"

    [IMG] Satisfy ->

    [IMG] Shy ->

    [IMG] Sigh ->

    [IMG] Sorry ->

    [IMG] SosiFoot ->

    [IMG] SosiHand ->

    [IMG] SummerFighter ->

    [IMG] SummerGunner ->

    [IMG] SummerMage ->

    [IMG] SummerSwordMan ->

    [IMG] Thank ->

    [IMG]Think -> "..",

    [IMG] Tired ->

    [IMG] Yawning ->

    Again this is a list of collective knowledge from all players and I will be adding the commands in as you guys post them to the thread.
    Thanks in advance everyone ^_^

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