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[Dumb and Overasked] What exactly changes for Gunners in Priest Patch

Discussion in 'Gunner' started by Tepet, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. Tepet ☆Sweet Lil' Poot☆ Lurker

    I've been hearing this all day, about Gunners just getting completely nerfed to hell and back. As a non PVP F. Mech it's troubling since with a nerf I understand we won't get the chance to change our build to accomodate.

    So far what I've heard has been vague, like grenades explosion size has been reduced even at level 10, mechs will take more damage now, overall mech damage is decreased, gunners will run a lot slower, a lower limit on the amount of active robots on the field, all bot HP dropped to 10% of what it currently is, and G-series constantly draining MP instead of just on switches.

    A lot of that I think is farfetched, but damning to the class. I know level 60 male mechs who can't even break 10000 damage with timebomb and overmaxed Robotics, while other classes can do that easily if not constantly. I'd hate to see what'd happen to my poor F. Mech if she can't dish out enough damage to be welcome in party play.

    Put this little poot's mind at ease, SSA.
  2. ArtSlay _________________________

    Even if all these are true, you only get affected by the last one, which can be fixed by chug a mp pot, if necessary. Note the if's.
  3. Vibe 8===D~~ O:

    the nerfs are for pvp only.
    and even then it's not that big of a nerf, just balancing.
  4. ゴド Atomyk Ebonpyre

    some of the general gunner skills are uncapped
    like landrunner and grenade
  5. Tepet ☆Sweet Lil' Poot☆ Lurker

    Oh thank goodness. I would have dreaded having to throw away 25$ to fix a build or start all the way over yet again. I don't PVP, so I guess I'm fine. If uncapped general gunner skills are unlocked, I can chuck a few points into Grenade and keep my enemies juggled until the better pets come out. Thanks you three. I'd give you a hug, but that requires technology we don't quite have yet.

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