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DnF Central

Discussion in 'General DFO' started by BMLover, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. BMLover Must Lurk More

    Hi all. Trying not to make this borderline spam - this is the first, and probably only, DFO forum I'm posting this in. After posting in several forums I had issues with posts falling through and decided to start DnF Central.

    It isn't meant to replace any forums etc., heck it is technically a blog. Well, not really. It's about the Korean version but is also written and keeps in perspective DFO as well since a lot of english players there play both and would be confused otherwise.

    Here's what my objectives were and hopefully what you'll find there:
    • Weekly patch notes from the Korean version in English.
    • Guides for each Ancient and Chroncile dungeon (70 chronicles are a WIP just due in part to people wanting to attempt to brute force the dungeons without understanding the mechanics).
    • My somewhat famous "FAQ"
    • Mechanic stuff
    • Some blasts from past, so to speak
    This isn't even meant as an advertisement. The site itself is already an unqualified success for me - in just over two weeks I've made, transferred over with enhancements (mostly SomeFool's work on the transfers... which I try to complete. He's a bit notorious for not finishing stuff but when he does the result is great), 65+ articles.

    Please feel free to comment wherever.
  2. Well, I'll probably read your blog for korean patch notes now, since reading source gives me a headache after awhile.
  3. BMLover Must Lurk More

    Same here. I think I might eventually follow the DFO milestone patches as well due to all the "dual-players" over here. Recent ones are still working on the changes Season Act 6 part 2 (July 2010) - 58/59 dungeons, new SP skills etc.. Though the main feature of that one was Altar of Limits, which DFO could really use, along with expanded otherverse which came with the original second impact.

    Though, there's been less DFO interest as of late as most of them got hacked somehow, despite the fact that they've some have been playing DnF since it's release and the hackers "here" are much worse (popularity=more hackers :W). Word around these parts is that some group broke in and got everything except the financial info of every account, including birth dates and goblin pad info.
  4. Yeah thats what Bernelli is speculating (for North America) as well. I changed my password after he said that, so I should be fine. I hope. You would think companies would learn from Sony. I guess not.
  5. Bernelli Death By Revolver

    Could use a better layout.
  6. BMLover Must Lurk More

    Go ahead and fire away with suggestions/problems... I'm not much of a layout person (though I do tweak it a fair amount). Wordpress.com does resistrict a tad, but it isn't too bad considering.
  7. Before I forget, I'd like to say thank you for the blog. Its much easier than having to wade through Source to find decent information.

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