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DFO lag

Discussion in 'General DFO' started by Hereicome, Jul 1, 2010.

  1. Hereicome B>Saber ass still

    DFO is nearly unplayable in pvp and even hard pve. So why dont we all send in a complaint to nexon? If 60 people send in the same complaint they will have to at least acknowledge the problem.

    Tbh i can barely plat dfo anymore, i have run numerous scans on the computer for viruses, and cleaned it to the inth degree.

    So how about we ban together and try to at least fix this instead of complaining.

    Thanks for you're time anyway.

    I figure if one of us write a message that clearly states that we need This to be resolved then we all copy paste it. Nexon will realize that they need to think more on managing a game.
  2. Kurii Dori Dori Dori

  3. Hereicome B>Saber ass still

    Hey kurii, i made thsi thread on 3 different websites so i could get more people to join. Would you mind getting anyone you know that has this problem to join as well The more the better. At the moment im working on the complaint message to nexon, and im getting help from a lot of people on how to say it right. Id be glad if you helped. :D
  4. Hereicome B>Saber ass still

    This is something someone came up with and i want to use it as a basis of what were going to say.

    Dear Nexon Staff,

    After the June 9th patch update of Dungeon Fighter Online, numerous problems have been occurring towards the DFO community as a whole. The main problem is the supposed new “lag system” throughout the whole server. For example, when one person lags in a party, the lag would be widespread to the rest of the party members. This could also be a problem in the ‘Player Versus Player (PvP)’ feature, causing abnormal problems. This new lag system also displays a “Character Drop” screen, which drops a character in an X amount of seconds if he or she were to lag in both PvP and Dungeon runs, thus freezing the screen for each party members or player. Another minor problem would be some Eastern Coast American states are labeled as Western Coast, which affects the gameplay of others dearly. We hope for you to change this new system to the way it was before, before the June 9th update.

    Thank You,

    The DFO community

    I think well use this as a skeleton. My only problem with it is that it's said too lightly we need to make it clear that this isn't going to work. Thank for you're help on this. Also i would add something about how wen someone does dc it de syncs everyone else in the pvp/dungeon room.
  5. Corpsecrank Member

    I have to agree with the fact that the game has become much more laggy than it was a few patches ago. I started noticing lag around the release day patch and it has not gotten better yet. The long wait while switching channels and getting into a party only to see people at 1 and 2 bars which never happened prior to the release. Before the official release it was pretty rare to run into people who lagged with me. I would still get laggy parties where I had 4 bars to all players but some of the others lagged to one another but now it has gotten bad even for myself and I hear this from a lot of people which means that this is not on our end it is a problem nexon should address on their end.
  6. ArtSlay _________________________

    Getting into pvp is still a pain in the nuts.
  7. Hereicome B>Saber ass still

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