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M. Gunner Death's Pve Spit Build

Discussion in 'Build Database' started by DeathsSinner, Oct 24, 2010.

  1. DeathsSinner Cookies~! >:3

    Click here. You know you want to >:3

    Mkay, so basically my build is strictly pve and does moderately well in pvp. Furthermore, some skills included were a personal preference and can be changed to fit your own playing style. Anyway, enough with subtle formalities and onto the build.

    To start off here's the core Spitfire build that a majority of Spit's agree upon: Click~!
    The reason why I'm including this is because whether or not you use my build, I want you to at least have a general idea on what you should and should not have.

    Now, here are a few key points to note about my build:
    • Maxed Black Rose
    • Maxed Ancient Memory
    • Maxed Aerial Fire

    Black Rose should not be maxed less you are pure pve and actually find it useful to you are own playing style. If you find it to much of a hassle to position your self or find other skills far more useful than go right ahead and leave at 1 (Or 0 if you wish). Even so, Black Rose is great for support fire, pinning (To some extent), additional damage (Duh :p), and just simply fun to mess around with.

    Aerial fire at level 1 is okay, but in oder to get the full effect you have to max it. The additional 50% to each bullet is devastating and can shave off a huge amount of health. In my experience, I've been able to shave off 3~4 bars of health from a single boss. >:] Plus, the ability to fly over certain obstacles comes in handy in some dungeons.

    Lastly, we have ancient memory. To tell you the truth i was quite skeptical of the skill since its duration is only 20 seconds, but thanks to the free resets I've been able to test it out and god it's amazing. The magic boost (150int to be exact) gained from ancient memory really makes an impression when you compare your damage with and without it. Unfortunately, the amount of mp needed to cast it is quite high and limits you to the amount of times you're able to cast it without chugging down a few potions. That's why I only use it in certain rooms that require some heavy damage; mainly the boss room and a couple of side rooms that can be such a pain.

    So, that's pretty much it. I hope, at the very least, I helped somewhat. ^^
    Leave any questions and/or concerns down below.:emoticon_agree:
  2. LHCGreg Code monkey like Fritos

    Not even one level into napalm just to have it? Other than that, looks good.
  3. DeathsSinner Cookies~! >:3

    Unfortunately, I had to sacrifice it in order to max ancient. >_< Bah, but good thing is is that I'll be able to get it after the new sp books get added into the game.
  4. vampirepsyco New Member

  5. Dante9898 ~Derail Master~

  6. Heidi Member

    My build is


    I got both the grabs, though I could have put more in black roses I guess. I also got 2 elemental bullets (Which I do like)

    Interestingly the OP's build can now have napalm in it because of the extra SP we got xD (And maybe another skill too)

    There is more than one standard build for spits. Not enough max aerial fire and ancient memory. So there you go.
  7. Ring "...that's my role."


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