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Chronicles of DFO - Act X: Rebirth

Discussion in 'DFO News' started by Bernelli, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. Bernelli Death By Revolver

  2. Bernelli Death By Revolver

    And here we have the biggest wall of text ever.


    All Dungeons

    • Durability and Blitz Points are not suffered/consumed.
    • EXP and Victory Points are not gained.
    • Gold and Items do not drop (items exclusive to the Towers will drop).
    • Consumable can be "used" without actually using the item. This does not apply to the Towers; Tower-exclusive items will be consumed.
    • Quests cannot be completed
    • Clear Dungeon EXP and Rewards will not be granted after the dungeon is cleared.
    • No Hell Party.
    Tower of the Dead & Tower of Illusion

    • Can be entered without using Dreyfus's invitation.
    • If you die, you cannot revive within the Tower.
    • Cannot get ranked.
    Ancient Dungeons

    • Entry items will not be consumed.
    Otherverse Dungeons

    • Entering Otherverse Training Mode will not count against the actual Daily Entry Limit.



    • Charge Burst: Charges the enemy twice, then performs a powerful Upward Slash.
    • Lightning Draw Sword: Quickly draws his sword, sending forth a powerful shockwave.

    • Ice Saya Crystals: Summons Saya, who repeatedly deals Water Damage to enemies, with a high chance to freeze them into ice crystals.
    • Tombstone Traingle: Drops three tombstones on the ground, lowering the Shadow REsistance of nearby enemies, and changing party members' attacks to inflict shadow damage. The skill finishes with a powerful explosion to damage the enemy. This explosion can be triggered earlier by using the skill again.

    • Burst Fury: Launches nearby enemies up into the air and causes damage for a certain period of time. The skill causes the Slayer to lose blood while casting, but the skill lasts as long as the skill button is held down.
    • Blood Ruin: Sucks the enemy's blodo out while emitting energy that damages surrounding enemies.

    • Great Ice Wave Sword: Sends giant icicles that inflict Water Damage that finishes with a powerful explosion.
    • Great Fire Wave Sword: Pushes enemies back with an engulfing wave of flames.


    • Ultimate Nen Guard: Forms a large barrier using powerful Nen. When the barrier is attacked by enemies, party members recover HP and enemies suffer Light Magic damage.
    • Lion's Grand Roar: Deals light damage to surrounding enemies with a powerful Lion's Roar. Cures abnormal states on allies and grants them bonuses for a set amount of time.

    • Powerful Crushing Fist: Powerful Crushing Fist: Delivers a powerful punch knocking enemies back both near and far.
    • Rising Uppercut: Immobilizes nearby enemies with a powerful hit that launches them up in the air, followed by a multi-hit.

    • Poisonous Explosive Hook: Throws a hook to grab an enemy, bringing them close before unleashing a poisonous explosion.
    • Block Bomb: Strikes the ground with great force, and throws a stone block (with a hidden stick of dynamite!) at the enemy.

    • Air Clutch: Sends Grabs an enemy, spins, and smashes the enemy to the ground. When the enemy rebounds, the Grappler smashes the enemy into the ground again.
    • Cyclone Attack: Grabs an enemy, jumps into the air


    • Air Spin: (Male Gunner) Launches the enemy up in the air and then attacks with a powerful spinning attack to knock them back. (can be used while using Windmill.)
    • Burning Spike: (Female Gunner) Pushes the enemy away, and then performs a powerful Sonic Spike for multi-hit damage that burns enemies. (Can be used while using Windmill.)
    • Ultimate Multi Headshot: Gathers all surrounding enemies and launches them up in the air attacking multiple times. Finishes with a powerful headshot.

    • FM-92 Stinger SW (Male Gunner) & FM-92 mk2 Lancer SW (Female Gunner): Shoots a stinger (or lancer) up in the air after targeting an enemy. The Stinger breaks into multiple bombs, causing Fire Damage to the target.
    • Arctic Booster: Sprays an icy blast to inhibit enemy's movement and attack speed. Finishes by freezing the enemy with multi-hits.

    • EX-S Viper Zero: Shoots viper bullets and lasers to enemies before self-destructing and dealing neutral magic damage. Also launches Land Runners, which deal neutral magic damage on impact.
    • EZ-10 Time Bomb: Deploys robots that will self-destruct after a short delay, doing neutral magic damage to nearby enemies. Finishes by launching a Land Runner from the explosion, which does neutral magic damage on impact.

    • Flying C4: Tosses a disc-shaped bomb at the enemies. The Spitfire explodes all bombs at once to deal neutral physical damage. The bomb rebounds up to 4 times.
    • M-61 Mine: Plants a Flash Mine on the ground that explodes when stepped on. Launches mini born bs into the air to deal Neutral Physical Damage and stun enemies.


    • Shining Ice Fence: Summons an electrified ice pillar from the ground that protects against ranged attacks; florae travels through the pillar attacking enemies. Finishes with the pillar exploding in a damaging shockwave.
    • Flame Void Volcano: Summons a volcano that blasts enemies with Fire and Shadow damage.

    • Ordinary Spirit: Summons an ordinary spirit that gives a positive buff such as creature aura or resistance aura on your allies, per attribute
    • Enraged Black Knight Sandor: Hires an enhanced Black Knight Sandore to aid the Summoner in battle.

    • Ultimate Pluto Wave: Stabs the enemy multiple times with the concentrated power of thunder and then shoots out a powerful thunderbolt in front.
    • Enchanted Swing: Swings her weapon that carries the power of the Chaser. Different Elemental Chasers will cause a variety of special effects on opponents.

    • Giant Flyswatter: Summons a giant flyswatter and casts a powerful attack upon her enemies.
    • Broomstick Bounce: Rapidly spins in midair and bounces 3 times whilde riding a broomstick. Finishes with one shockwave attack when she lands on the ground.


    • Flash Scrap: Launches a large sphere that moves forward slowly, dealing damage to enemies. After a set duration, the sphere explodes into smaller light particles causing damage to all who come in contact, and stuns nearby enemies.
    • Pressure Wall: Summons two deflectin walls towards each other, causing all enemies that are trapped in between to take explosive damage.

    • Infernal Combo: Throws a hook with each hand followed by 3 consecutive powerful straight punches.
    • Megaton Jab: Rapidly attacks the enemy in front with a flurry of jabs, making the enemy explode after a short delay.

    • Oblivion Hammer: Hammers nearby enemies multiple times with his giant weapon followed by a charged blow that launches enemies in to the air, blowing them away with one final strike.
    • God of Knowledge: True Black Tortoise: Summons the true form of the Black Tortoise God that stuns enemies by leaping on them and immobilizes enemies by creating fog.


    • Chain Saw Rush: Throws spinning blades at the enemies twice, jumping up to grab the blades mid-air, and striking them down at her enemies.
    • Aslant Spiral: Targets an enemy, then leaps high in the air before striking down upon her enemy while spinning.

    • Dead Man's Obsession: Summons the dead to harass, damage, and immobilize enemies.
    • Black Energy Wave: Weaves a black thread through enemies, dealing Shadow Damage. Enemies pierced by the thread take explosive Shadow Damage, while also allowing the Necromancer to absorb HP from her stricken enemies.

    Vitality and Spirit Updated.

    • Vitality increases: MAX HP, HP Recovery, and Physical Defense.
      • MAX HP will increase by 100% for every 250 Vitality stat.
      • HP Recovery will increase by 100% for every 250 Vitality stat.
      • Physical Defense will increase by 5 for every 1 Vitality stat.
    • Spirit increases: MAX MP, MP Recovery, and Magical Defense.
      • MAX HP will increase by 100% for every 250 Spirit stat.
      • MP Recovery will increase by 100% for every 250 Spirit stat.
      • Magic Defense will increase by 5 for every 1 Spirit stat.
    Basic Character Stats adjusted due to changes made to the functionality of both Vitality and Spirit.

    • Stats for equipment, avatars, creatures, cards, consumables, and APCs adjusted due to changes made to the functionality of both Vitality and Spirit.
      • Recovery amount of HP/MP recovery items will be changed accordingly.
      • Creature stats will be changed accordingly.
    Attack Strength and HP of monsters will be modified. Monsters' attack power and HP will be changed to match the increased character stats.


    Quest Scroll System added.

    Epic and Training (Train.) quests can be accepted directly from the Quest menu.

    Quest order:

    • Event
    • Class Advancement/Awakening/Profession/Evolution
    • Epic
    • General
    • Training
    • Achievement
    • Limited
    • Repeat
    Quests marked in orange will grant EXP regardless of the level at which these quests become available

    (pertains to the Towers, Ancient Dungeons, Otherverse, Creature quests, NPC Friendship System quests).

    • A maximum of 6 Training (Train.) quests will be randomly selected based on character level, and will appear in the Train. tab of the Quest Window.
    • All unfinished quests will disappear the next day, and a new set of quests will be given.
    • Characters of the same level will receive identical training quests.
    • Training quests can be accepted directly from the Quest Log.
    • Some of the Training quests may require the completiion of Epic/General quests.
    • Training quests will continuously be added to the game.


    • Various new potions added.
    • Some required materials for recipes updated.
    • Buff potions stats increased due to changes in Vitality/Spirit
    • Cube Fragment colors can be changed to another color.
    • Low Grade Elemental Crystals can be changed to High Grade Elemental Crystals.
    • New recipe potions to drop in level 60-70 dungeons.

    • Stats of some cards increased due to changes in Vitality/Spirit.
    • 12 new cards added.

    • 4 APCs that are espeicially powerful in the Ancient Dungeons added, each wielding a powerful skin skill specific to their designated Ancient Dungeon.
    • Required materials needed to craft have been reduced.
    • Materials needed to acquire profession changed.
    • Recipes of new APCs will be dropped in level 60-70 dungeons

    • The durability of a Disassembler increases at level 8.
    • Multiple souls can be obtained by disassembling equipment.



    • Attack Strength increased (does not apply to PvP).
    Ghost Slash

    • Post-attack delay reduced.
    Moonlight Slash

    • Super Armor added to the first hit. (In PvP, Super Armor duration reduced.)
    Slayers that have not gone through a Class Advancement will be able to learn this skill from Albert.

    Reduced Mana Consumption for low level skills.

    • General: Upper Slash, Ghost Slash, Neutral Wave Sword, Kazan, Ashe Fork, Triple Slash, Gore Cross, Wave Wheel Slasher, Moonlight Slash, Mountainous Wheel.
    • Blade Master: Overdrive
    • Soul Bender: Afterimage of Keiga, Hazy-Eyed Bremen
    • Berserker: Diehard, Bloodlust, Derange
    • Asura: Ice Wave Sword, Wave Cancellation, Spirit Crescent, Ghost Orb

    Katana Mastery

    • Bleeding Attack Strength increased (does not apply to PvP).
    Lightsabre Mastery

    • Electrocution Attack Strength increased (does not apply to PvP).
    Bludgeon Mastery

    • Shockwave damage increased (does not apply to PvP).
    • Launch height after a bound increased. (does not apply to PvP)
    Illusion Sword Dance

    • The wind created with the rapid slash will not automatically disappear, and will fade as it moves forward (Wind distance reduced in PvP).
    Charge Crash

    • Attack Strength increased. Downward Slash charage time is reduced from 0.6 seconds to 0.4 seconds (does not apply to PvP).
    Secret Slayer Technique

    • Attack Strength modified based on the Basic Training's stat increase.

    Afterimage of Keiga

    • Additional damage given to Phantasmal Slayer when used after Keiga (Attack Strength reduced in PvP)
    • Increase rate of Physical Defense increase reduced.
    • Max Defense Count increased.
    Demon Slash Drive

    • When the back arrow key is pressed during a Demon Slash Drive, the Slayer will stay in place and the ghost will jet forward.
    • If the front arrow key is pressed, or if no keys are pressed, the skill will be cast like before.

    • The skill level of AFterimage of Keiga, Rhasa: Carrier of the Plague, and Summon Kalla of Dark Flame, will in crease by one.
    Rhasa: Carrier of the Plague

    • Four plague demons appear upon casting.
    • Physical Defense, Attack Speed, Hit Recovery reductionr ate lowered.

    Gore Cross

    • Pressing Z during Gore Cross will create an extra line, sending the enemy flying after a hit. If Z is not pressed, the original Gore Cross will be cast.

    • General and additional Attack Strength upon grabbing a bleeding enemy increased. (does not apply to PvP).

    • HP Consumption increased (does not apply to PvP).
    • Attack Strength modified based on the Basic Training's stat increase.
    • Increased HP Replenishment at lower levels.

    • When attacked during a Derange state, the Slayer's strength will increase. This can be stacked up to 5 times, and will disappear after a set period of time.
    Extreme Overkill

    • A Shockwave is c reated whenb loody blade slashes down.
    • Number of Hits increased.
    Raging Fury

    • Explosion Attack STrength increased (does not apply to PvP)
    Bloody Twister

    • Attack Strength increased (does not apply to PvP)
    Outrage Break

    • Shockwave multi-hit count increased from 5 to 7 (does not apply to PvP).

    Asura Spirit Crescent

    • Charge duration reduced from 0.7 seconds to 0.5 seconds.
    Ghost Orb

    • Ghost Orb Attack Strength increased (does not apply to PvP).
    Deadly Enticer

    • Deadly Enticer's minimum wait time reduced from 0.5 seconds to 0.3 seconds (does not apply to PvP).
    Mind Snap!

    • Intelligence increased.
    • Mana regeneration can be stacked up to 5 times (increase from 3, and does not apply to PvP).
    White Heat Blade

    • Attack Strength in creased.
    • Multi-Hits and Max Splash Count increased from 5 to 7 (does not apply to PvP).
    Mind's Eye

    • Evasion Rate Increase reduced.
    Agni Pentacle

    • Grabbing time reduced.
    • Spin time increased.


    Sand Splash

    • Post-throw delay reduced.
    Air Walk

    • Total stomp count reduced.
    • Damage of the last stomp is significantly increased.
    • Immobilization rate significantly higher for the last stomp.
    • A visual effect is added for the last stomp.
    Low Kick

    • Attack Strength increased (does not apply to PvP).
    Hammer Kick

    • Attack Strength increased (does not apply to PvP).
    Seismic Punch

    • Shockwave range increased (does not apply to PvP).
    Fighters that have not gone through a Class Advancement will be able to learn this skill from ALbert.

    Tornado Kick

    • A Fighter that has not completed the Class Advancement will be able to obtain the Tornado Kick skill from Albert.
    Reduced Mana Consumption for low level skills.

    • General: Low Kick, Seismic Punch, Nen Shot, Hammer Kick, Air Walk, Sand Splash, Tornado Kick
    • Nen Master: Doppelganger Blast, Khai, Nen Guard
    • Striker: Bone Crusher, Mountain Pusher, Power Fist
    • Brawler: Brick Buster, SPread Poison, Explosive Hook, Hidden Stinger, Mount
    • Grappler: Overwhelming Grab, Elbow Shock, Air Steiner, Neck Snap, Shoulder Tackle, Fling

    Nen Cannon

    • Charge time reduced from 0.7 to 0.5 seconds.
    • Piercing Strength increased.
    Doppelganger Blast

    • Casting time and post-casting delay reduced.
    Tiger Flash: Nen Creature of Light

    • Attack Strength significantly increased (does not apply to PvP)
    • Counter immobilization rate reduced.
    Suplex Thunder

    • The known issue of the thunder bolt damage being applied twice is fixed.
    • Attack Strength significantly increased.
    • Electrocution Attack Strength significantly increased.
    • Electrocution duration increased from 4 to 5 seconds.
    Spiral Nen

    • Spiral Nen buff doubled (does not apply to PvP).
    • Spiral Nen duration dobuled (does not apply to PvP).
    • Max Spiral Nen count reduced by half (does not apply to PvP)
    • Tiger Flash attack strength increased for each Spiral Nen.
    • Defense Increase rate reduced.
    Energy Shield

    • Attack Strength increased. (does not apply to PvP)
    Raging Light Dragon

    • Multi-Hit interval reduced from 0.5 to 0.4 seconds (does nto apply to PvP).
    Stimulating Breath

    • Changed to party buff.
    • MP Consumption increased.
    • Cooldown changed from 10 to 30 seconds (does not apply to PvP).
    • Duration changed from 120 to 30 seconds (does not apply to PvP).
    Floating Nen Flowers

    • Nen's Flower's respawn interval shortened (does not apply to PvP).

    Mountain Pusher

    • Launch Strength slightly reduced.
    • Post-attack delay reduced.
    Muscle Shift

    • Cancelling a Muscle Shift skill will increase the Attack Strength of the following skill (does not apply to PvP).
    Rising Knuckle

    • Attack Strength increased (does not apply to PvP).
    Beat Drive

    • Punch Attack Strength increased (does not apply to PvP).
    Rising Cut

    • Immobility rate and attack range of the first hit increased.

    • Stampede buff duration is fixed to 3 seconds.
    • If the character stops running mid-buff, the strength will accumulate until he starts running again (buff duration is reset as well).
    Power Fist, Fatal Aim

    • MP Consumption decreased.

    Explosive Hook

    • When an enemy under an abnormal status is attacked with Explosive Hook, increased abnormal status damage rate from the dead-on hook attack will be applied to the explosion damage as well.
    • The known issue of the increased status abnormal damage reducing (if the status became undone between the hook and the explosion) is fixed.

    • The issue of last Shockwave range not increasing, even with the higher Mount skill level, is fixed.
    Crazy Vulcan

    • Shockwave's Attack Strength increased.
    • Shockwave's Launch Strength reduced.
    • The known issue of the Crazy Vulcan's Attack Strength and Shockwave size not being proportionate to the abnormal status bonus is fixed.
    Venom Mine

    • Attack Speed at lv. 1 significantly increased.
    • Attack Speed increases as higher skill levels are learned.
    • The interval between mines reduced to focus the firepower (does not apply to PvP).
    • The Bonus Damage that was previously put in place to compensate for the slow attack speed of Venom Mine is removed.
    • Invincibility (the merit of really slow attack speed) is now Super ARmor.
    Double Throw

    • Upon learning the Double Throw, an additional buff is given to Sand Splash and Junk Spin.
    • Max learning level increased.
    • Cooldown and Duration of Double Throw modified.
    Brick Buster

    • Bonus value added to the Attack Strength of the Back Attack hit.
    • the known issue of weapon damage being added to the Brick Buster Fragments is fixed.
    Poisonous Explosive Hook

    • Damage will increase based on Fighter's abnormal status.
    Double Throw

    • Increase in duration is more significant with higher levels.


    • Attack Strength significantly increased (does not apply to PvP).
    • Attack Strength Reduction Rate reduced for upward or downward throws.
    • Increased collision when thrown forward.
    • Grab time for Champion and Boss Mob reduced.
    Shoulder Tackle

    • Recharge Attack Strength slightly increased. (does not apply to PvP).
    • In the attack preparation stance, the probability of being hit in terms of z-axis reduced.
    Elbow Shock

    • Standing enemies can be grabbed.
    • Attack Strength reduced for grabbing standing enemies.
    • Attack Strength increased for grabbing fallen enemies.
    Grab Mastery

    • Increased accuracy for grab attempts is changed to regular accuracy increase.
    Air Steiner

    • Attack Strength against airborne enemies increased.
    Air Clutch

    • Attack Strength against airborne enemies increased.
    • The known issue of spin attack damage not working against some monsters is fixed.
    Giant Twister

    • Skill duration reduced at low levels and slightly increased for high levels.
    Finishing Attack Strength increased

    A gunner that has not gone through the Class Advancement will be able to learn the skill from Albert to the Master level.

    Reduced MP Consumption for low level skills.

    • General: Jack Spike, Marilyn Rose, BBQ, Mach Kick, M-137 Gatling Gun, G-14 Buster, Rising Shot, RX-78 Land Runner, Silver Bullet
    • Ranger: Gun Guard, Headshot
    • Launcher: Cannon Ball, M-3 Flamethrower, Flame Strike, Steyr AMR
    • Mechanic: G1 Corona
    • Spitfire: Blazing Bullet, Freezing Bullet, G-35L Flash Bang


    • Attack STrength and skill Cooldown decreased.
    Western Fire

    • Headshot and Cooldown will not work together.
    Multi Headshot

    • Post-attack delay slightly reduced.
    Moving Shot

    • Attack Strength increased.
    Wild Shot/Gun Dance

    • Attack Strength and range increased.

    Flash Mine

    • Stun Duration and damage are slightly increased.
    Immobility/Pierce Booster

    • Changed to a Passive skill
    • Upon learning the skill, an aura is created that will allow party members within a certain range to receive the buff.
    G-35L Flash Bang

    • Electrocution duration increased.
    C4 Remote Control

    • Damage slightly increased.
    Blazing Bullet

    • Damage slightly increased.
    • Cooldown reduced by 5 seconds.
    M-61 Mine

    • Damage slightly increased.
    Crossmore Upgrade

    • Damage reduction decreased.

    Special Forces 'Black Rose'

    • Throw speed slightly increased.
    • Black Roses will automatically face the same direction the Gunner is facing.
    • The required distance needed for the Black Roses to follow the Gunner increased.

    EMP Storm

    • Casting time changed to 0.3 seconds
    • Once the skill has been cast, a target mark appears on the ground; the Gunner can then shoot out a EMP Storm at that specified target.

    Arctice Booster

    • Movement Speed slightly increased.
    • Required hits needed to freeze the enemy reduced.
    Laser Rifle Charge

    • Max Charge Time and Knockback distance upon Max Recharge reduced.
    Flame Blow

    • Hit interval and post-casting delay reduced.
    X-1 Extruder

    • Max Charge time reduced.
    Satellite Beam

    • Duration slightly increased.
    FM-92 Stinger

    • Damage output increased.
    • Max hit count for enemies added.

    EZ-8 Time Bombs

    • Minimum delay time increased.
    EX-S Viper

    • Cooldown reduced.
    Mecha Drop

    • Increased chance of Land Runner skill activating.
    Sparrow Factory

    • Damage slightly increased.
    • Shooting damage interval slightly decreased.
    G-1 Corona Upgrade (Upgraded)

    • Attack Strength of King Corona increased.

    Last Fighting Will

    • Damage inflicted on the character is absorbed by the Last Fighting Will robot until it explodes.


    Palm Blast

    • Max Charge time reduced from 0.5 to 0.3 seconds (does not apply to PvP).

    • Attack Speed increases at higher skill levels.
    Florae Circle

    • Attack Strength decreased.
    Aura Shield

    • Defense Increase Rate reduced.
    Reduced Mana Consumption for low level skills.

    • General: Magic Missile, Weapon Uppercut, Dragon Fang, Lantern Fire, Hired Summon: Panzer Hodor, Frosty's Head, Cheeky Doll Shururu, Pluto, Lasher, Palm Blast, Elemental Burn
    • Elementalist: Fire Pillar, Sun Buster, Ice Fence, Void
    • Summoner: Spirit Summon: Ador, Spirit Summon: Naias, Spirit SUmmon: Stalker, Spirit Summon: Wisp, Hired Summon: Freet, HIred SUmmon: Black Knight Sandor, HIred Summon: Hellflower Aukuso, Mark the Target!, SPirit Summon: Flame Hulk, SPirit SUmmon: Aquarius, SPirit Summon: Glaerin, Spirit Summon: Dead Murker
    • Battle Mage: Neutral Chaser, Stabbing Wheel, Chaser: Water, Chaser: Light, Chaser Generator, Chaser: Fire, Full Swing
    • Witch: Black Manteau, Chilling Powder, Death Powder, Enhanced Magic Missile, Acid Cloud, Lava Area creation potion

    Fire/Water/Light/Shadow Attribute Mastery

    • MP Consumption Reduction rate increased.
    Lightning Strike

    • Thunderbolt count upon full charge increased from 4 to 5. Max charge time reduced from 0.8 to 0.5 seconds.
    • Target movement speed increased (does not apply to PvP)

    Stabbing Wheel

    • Up to 3 enemies can be hit at once.
    • Number of Shadow Chasers created upon using the Stabbing Wheel is same as before (does not apply to PvP).
    Chaser Press

    • Attack Strength increased.
    Battle Groove

    • Even when the combo ends, and the Mage makes another hit, the buff from the previous level is maintained at its full strength.
    • Battle Groove buff resets once the duration expires.
    Fusion Chaser

    • Skill can be charged now.
    • Without charging, the skill can be cast faster than before but with weaker attack strength. When fully charged, the skill has a stronger attack strength, but slower casting speed.
    • Longer buff durations at higher skill levels.

    Devolution Flyswatter/Giant Flyswatter

    • Super Armor added to skill casting (does not apply to PvP)

    • Cooldown reduce3d from 80 to 60 seconds

    • Enemy launch height reduced.
    Fusion Craft

    • Attack Strength increased and installation time decreased.

    Spirit Summon: Spirit King Echeverria

    • When Echeverria expires or dies, a high spirit of the attribute used for summoning Echeverria appears. The level of this spirit is the same as the Mage's level; the stats are the same, but the duration is half of the original high spirit's (does not apply to PvP).
    Spirit Summon: Flame Hulk

    • At level 10, the attack pattern will change to one that summons Doppelgangers.
    • The Doppelgangers will have the same stats as the Flame Hulk. Duration, however, is reduced by half (does not apply to PvP).
    Spirit Summon: Aquarius

    • At lv. 10, an attack pattern of shooting Ice Missiles will be added.
    • Enemies hit by the missile will receive damage and freeze at a set rate (does not apply to PvP).
    Spirit Summon: Dead Murker

    • At lv. 10, an attack pattern of creating black smoke on the floor will be added.
    • The spirit will cast the Hell Raid attack in the front of the Mage and damage the enemies within that range for as et time (does not apply to PvP).
    Spirit Summon: Glaerin

    • At lv. 10, the spirit will place Lightning Shield on itself and reflect enemy attacks with light attribute attacks (does not apply to PvP).
    Ordinary Spirit: Alicia/Selist/Sheyd/Ratria

    • Duration of the Ordinary Spirits increased from 30 to 40 seconds.


    Reduced MP Consumption for low level skills.

    • General: Giant Weapon Launcher, Smasher, Lucky Straight Punch, Strike, Cure, Furious Grab, Wisdom Blessing, Phoenix Hammer, Rising Emblem
    • Crusader: Blades of Purity, Heaven's Melody, Spear of Victory, Sign of Protection, Revenge of Light, LIght of Divinity, Fast Heal, Deflection Wall, Divine Invocation
    • Monk: Divine Crush, Ducking Straight Punch, Ducking Body Blow, Ducking Uppercut, Sidewind, Exquisite Combo, Chopping Hammer, Sacred Counter, Machine Gun Jab
    • Exorcist: Holy Amulet, Gale Smash, Passion Chakra, Coldness Chakra, PIercing the Darkness, SUpression Amulet, Star in the Sky, Crucifix Wind, White Tiger

    Exorcist Plate Armor Mastery

    • Attack Speed increased
    Gale Smash

    • Swing attack strength slightly increased.
    Star in the Sky

    • Inflicted damage (after a full charge) slightly increased.
    Chaos Hammer

    • Cooldown changed from 25 seconds to 20 seconds.
    • Damage increased.
    • Damage range increased.
    Spinning Cross

    • Cooldown changed from 30 seconds to 25 seconds.
    • Damamge increased.
    Obvlion Hammer

    • Damage range increased.
    Holy Amulet

    • Mana Consumption reduced.
    Blue Dragon Attack

    • Damage slightly increased.
    White Tiger

    • Jump and Movement Speed increase buffs are maintained even when two or more White Tigers are summoned.

    Equipment repair fee reduced.

    Skill Points reduced from 30 to 25

    • Technical, Corkscrew, Battle Aura, Hard Punch, Combination Mastery
    Twister of Judgement

    • Attack Strenght slightly increased.
    Big Bang Punch

    • The lift-off height for the 3rd hit is reduced; delay between each hit is slightly reduced.
    Hurricane 'n' Roll

    • Damage slightly increased.
    Chopping Hammer

    • Launching strength reduced.
    Megaton Jab

    • Enemy Immobility rate increased.
    Ducking Body Blow

    • Damage slightly increased.
    Exquisite Combo

    • Damage slightly increased/
    Machinegun Jab

    • Damage slightly increased.

    Crusader Plate Armor Mastery

    • Attack Speed increased
    Flash Sphere

    • Attack Strength slightly increased.
    Hammer of Repentance

    • Attack range is increased.
    Righteous Judgement

    • Enemy Immobility for each hit slightly increased.
    Spear of Victory

    • The maximum number of enemies that can be pierced at once is increased.
    Grace of Protection

    • Vitality and Spirit buffs increased.
    Heaven's Melody

    • HP buff increased.
    Sign of Protection

    • Buff effect reduced.
    Aura of Conviction

    • Vitality and Spirit buffs incresaed.
    Divine Invocation

    • Buff effect is reduced.


    Weight deviation among armor types adjusted.

    • Cloth: Increased
    • Leather: Increased
    • Light Armor: No change
    • Heavy Armor: Decreased
    • Plate: Decreased.
    Character weight corrected.

    • Mage's weight increased by a small amount.
    • Priest's weight decreased by a small amount.
    Stat-affecting Skills:

    • All passive stat effects decreased (Strength, Intelligence, Spirit, Evasion Rate, Hit Rate, Elemental Damage, Elemental Resistance, HP/MP Regeneration).
    • HP of all summons (Hodor, Land Runner, Doppelganger, etc.) lowered by 33%
    • HP of all objects (White Tiger, Nen Guard, Black Tortoise, etc.) increased by 33%


    Neutral Wave Sword

    • Cooldown changed to 4.5 seconds.
    • Post-attack delay increased from 0.25 seconds to 0.35 seconds.
    Wave Wheel Slasher

    • Z-axis attack range reduced.
    Ashe Fork

    • Cooldown decreased from 7 to 5 seconds
    • Minimum jump height required to create the shockwave reduced.
    Blade Master

    Secret Slayer Technique

    • Lightsabre: Z-axis attack range reduced.
    • Zanbato: Z-axis attack range reduced on the 2nd hit.
    Auto Guard

    • 0.5 seconds added to the minimum guard time (same as regulard Guard).
    Raging Dragon Slash

    • Super Armor removed.
    • "Start Match" Cooldown reduced by 10 seconds.
    • Cooldown reduced by 10 seconds.
    • Z-Axis attack range reduced on the last hit.
    Charge Crash

    • Super Armor activates only on the 1st motion.
    • Y-axis attack range slightly reduced.
    • Super Armor time increased by 50%.
    • Cooldown reduced by 2 seconds.
    Illusion Sword Dance

    • Slight delay after activating skill
    • Zanbato hit count changed from 10-12 to 8-10.
    Flip Side Counter

    • Changed to an active skill.
    • When Back Attacked, can activate Flip Side Counter by entering a command or pressing the corresponding skill hotkey (within a set time).
    • Launch Strength reduced.
    • Knock-Back Strength increased.
    • Post-attack delay increased.
    • Reduced Cooldown at higher skill levels.
    Draw Sword

    • Initial delay slightly increased.
    • "Start Match" Cooldown reduced from 20 to 18 seconds.
    • Cooldown reduced from 20 to 18 seconds.

    • Duration reduced from 30 to 25 seconds.

    Summon Kalla of Dark Flame

    • Black sword's Super Armor maintained only during the ready motion.
    • Attack Strength of the clone reduced.
    • Movement Speed of the fired clones increased.
    • Duration of skill depends on the skill level.
    • Cooldown reduced from 60 to 40 seconds.
    • "Start Match" Cooldown reduced from 40 to 30 seconds.
    Ghost Slash Drive

    • Charging sound no longer heard by opponent.
    • Can be used more strategically when hiding behind an object.
    • Arena compensation added during Bremen Drive's sleeping time.
    Phantasmal Slayer

    • Z-axis attack range reduced.
    • "Start Match" Cooldown reduced from 40 to 30 seconds.
    Ghost Step

    • Invincibility time reduced at Lv. 10 from 1.5 to 1.2 seconds
    Rhasa: Carrier of the Plague

    • Cooldown increased from 30 to 40 seconds.

    • Post-cast delay reduced.
    Hazy-Eyed Bremen

    • Post-cast delay reduced.
    • Abnormal status debuff effect significantly increased.

    Overall Attack Strength reduced by 6%

    Heavy Armor Mastery

    • Max HP increase amount slightly decreased.

    • Cooldown reduced from 45 to 20 seconds.
    • Post-activation delay reduced.
    Bloody Cross

    • Strength increase amount increased.

    • Additional damage dealt to Bleeding enemies reduced.
    Bloody Twister

    • Initial delay reduced.
    Outrage Break

    • Initial delay slightly reduced.
    • Post-attack delay increased.
    • Launch Strength of direct hits increased.
    • Launch Strength of Shockwave increased.
    • Launch Strength of eruption reduced.
    • The invincibility received upon landing will be changed to Super Armor.
    • Attack Strength of the direct hit significantly reduced.
    • Attack Strength of the first shockwave significantly reduced.
    • Attack Strength of the eruption significantly increased.
    Gore Cross

    • Delay after the 3rd attack reduced.
    • 3rd attack will slightly knock back the enemy.

    Overall Attack Strength reduced by 10%.

    Wave Radiation

    • Z-axis attack range reduced.
    Ground Quaker

    • Duration time reduced.
    • Consecutive hit interval reduced.
    Deadly Enticer

    • Activation time reduced from 1 to 0.5 seconds.
    • Physical Defense increase amount increased.
    Ice Wave Sword

    • Post-attack delay increased from 0.3 to 0.4 seconds.
    Fire Wave Sword

    • Attack Strength reduced.
    • Post-attack delay increased from 0.35 to 0.45 seconds.
    Mind's Eye

    • Evasion Rate reduced.
    Spirit Crescent

    • Consecutive hit interval reduced.
    Asura Spirit Crescent

    • Charge time significantly reduced.


    Sabd Sokasg

    • Blind chance reduced.
    • Skill duration reduced.
    Seismic Punch

    • Z-axis attack range reduced.
    • Post-attack delay at lower levels significantly reduced and post-attack delay at higher levels slightly increased.
    Tornado Kick

    • Y-axis attack range reduced.

    • Duration reduced from 7 to 6 seconds.
    Air Walk

    • Aerial Z-axis attack range increased.

    Nen Guard

    • Cooldown increased by 5 seconds.
    • HP increased.
    Nen Cannon

    • Charging sound no longer heard by the opponent.
    Raging Light Dragon

    • Initial delay slightly increased.
    • Duration increased from 5 to 7 seconds.
    Lion's Roar

    • Stun time reduced.
    • Stun rate increased.
    • Z-axis attack range slightly reduced.
    Energy Shield

    • Attack Strength of direct hits increased by 20%
    Suplex Thunder

    • Electrocution Attack Strength significantly increased.
    • Electrocution duration increased from 4 to 5 seconds.
    Nen Shot

    • Post-cast delay reduced.
    • Launch Strength added during aerial combos, allowing for multiple connected hitse with ease.
    Floating Nen Flowers

    • Respawn time reduces at higher skill levels.
    • Buff duration increased from 10 to 12 seconds.
    • Intelligence increase amount reduced.

    Striker's Light Armor Mastery

    • Hit Recovery increase value changed to 150.
    Super Armor

    • Duration reduced from 10 to 7 seconds.
    • Attack Speed "decrase' added; when masmtered, will decrease by 5%
    • Cooldown increased.
    Mountain Pusher

    • Super Armor only applied on the ready motion.
    • Cooldown reduced from 15 to 12 seconds.
    Power First

    • Duration rreduced from 20 to 10 seconds.
    • Cooldown reduced from 40 to 25 seconds.
    Muscle Shift

    • Attack Strength of consecutive skills reduced.
    • Cooldown reduced from 60 to 45 seconds.
    Lightning Dance

    • Invincibility (after the skill) removed.
    • The known issue of the Z-axis hit range being infinite while moving is fixed
    Beat Drive

    • The immobility that takes place while kicking an enemy reduced.
    • Attack Strength of the kicks significantly reduced.
    • Attack STrenght of the punch significantly increased.

    Overall Attack Strength reduced by 5%

    Claw Mastery

    • Bleeding Attack Strength reduced.
    Venom Mine

    • New function added: gain increased Attack speed at higher levels.
    • Launch Strength increased.
    Hidden Stinger

    • Bleeding Attack Strength increased.
    • The duration of the enemy's Immobility increased.
    • Bleeding Attack Strength decreased.
    Apply Poison

    • Poison Attack Strength decreased.

    • Duration significantly increased.
    • Evasion Rate decreased.
    • Abnormal Status Resistance decrease amount signnificantly increased.

    Overall Attack Strength reduced by 5%.

    Grappler LIght Armor Mastery

    • Hit Recovery increase value changed to 200.

    • X-axis attack range slightly reduced.
    • Y-axis attack range slightly reduced.

    • X-axis attack range slightly reduced.
    • Y-axis attack range slightly reduced.
    Intense Takedown

    • Shockwave range increase amount reduced.
    Overwhelming Grab

    • When mastered, duration reduced from 15 to 12 seconds.
    Wild Cannon Spike

    • Post-attack delay reduced.
    • Launch Strength slightly reduced.
    Neck Snap

    • Attack Strength reduced.
    • Hit-box added on the arm.
    Elbow Shock

    • Shockwave range reduced.
    Grab Cannon

    • Invincibility time reduced.
    Grab Masetery

    • Evasion Rate increase amount reduced.


    Jack Spike / Marilyn Rose

    • Z-Axis attack range slightly reduced.
    G-14 Buster

    • When thrown below: Z-axis attack range in the upper area reduced.
    • When thrown above: Z-axis attack range int eh bottom area reduced.
    • Launch STrength is slightly reduced.
    Windmill / Topskin Kick

    • Y-axis attack range reduced.
    Attack Strength of Revolvers, Hand Cannons, Muskets, and Bowguns during a standing normal attack reduced.

    Attack Strength of Bowguns and Auto Guns during a jump attack reduced.


    Air Raid / Sonic Spike

    • Y-axis attack range reduced.
    Death Hawk

    • Delay when throwing guns slightly reduced.
    Moving Shot

    • Attack Strength reduced by 6%
    Multi Headshot

    • Post-attack delay reduced.
    • Z-axis attack range reduced.

    Overall Attack Strength increased by 5%.

    Wild Shot

    • Attack Strength increased by 12%.
    • Initial delay added.
    Moving Shot

    • Attack Strength reduced.

    Overall Attack Strength increased by 6%

    Gun Dance

    • Attack Strength increased by 12%
    • Initial delay added.

    Steyr AMR

    • Time between impact and explosion significantly reduced.
    Eagle Eye

    • Added function: when at a location not seen on the enemy's screen, the location info will be hidden.
    Quantum Bomb

    • Pre and post-launch delay slightly reduced.
    • Attack Strength increased.
    • Cooldown increased by 3 sec.
    • Attack Strength reduced.
    • Target mark no longer seen by the enemy.
    FM-92 Stinger

    • Pre and post-launch delay reduced.
    X-1 Extruder

    • Pre and post-launch delay reduced.
    • Cooldown increased by 10 seconds.
    • Attack Strength increased.
    Cannon Ball

    • Max Charge time reduced from 0.1 to 0 sec.
    Flame Pillar

    • Attack Strength reduced.
    • Cooldown reduced from 12 to 8 seconds.
    Laser Rifle

    • Attack Strength increased.

    Flame Pillar

    • Attack Strength reduced.
    Laser Rifle

    • Attack Strenght increased.
    Quantum Bomb

    • Attack Strength increased.
    X-1 Extruder

    • Attack STrength increased.

    EZ-8 Time Bomb

    • Charge time reduced by 60%
    G-3 Raptor Transformation

    • Raptor's attack range increased.
    • Minimum pre-attack time added. (Raptor can start attacking after this time has passed.)
    Sparrow Factory

    • HP reduced.
    • Sparrow production time interval shortened.
    • Range that the Sparrow Factory recognizes, reduced by 10%
    • Maximum number of produced Sparrows increased to 4.
    Male Mechanic

    G-1 Corona

    • Duration reduced from 30-60 seconds to 15-30 seconds.
    G-2 Rolling Thunder Transformation

    • Charge Cooldown reduced from 3 to 2.5 seconds.

    G-1 Corona

    • Minimum firing Cooldown significantly increased.
    • Maximum firing Cooldown significantly increased.
    • Corona's shots cause Immobility even in the Arena.
    • Cooldown fixed to 30 seconds.
    • Bonus Cooldown icnreased during the transformation from 5 to 8 seconds.
    Backup Land Runner

    • Cooldown increased.
    G-2 Rolling Thunder Transformation

    • Charge Cooldown reduced from 2.5 to 2 seconds.
    • When summoned for thef irst time, comes fully charged.
    • Bonuis Cooldown increased during the transformation from 5 to 8 seconds.
    G3 Raptor Transformation

    • Bionus Cooldown incerased during the transformation from 5 to 8 seconds.

    G-18C Freeze Grenade

    • When thrown below: Z-axis attack range in the upper area reduced.
    • When thrown above: Z-axis attack range in the bottom area reduced.
    G-35L Flash Bang

    • When thrown below: Z-axis attack range in the upper area reduced.
    • When thrown above: Z-axis attack range in the bottom area reduced.
    • Number of Freezing Bullets increased.
      • Male Gunner: 5 to 10 shots
      • F. Gunner: 5 to 11 shots.

    C4 Remote

    • Bomb sticking speed increased.
    G-35L Flash Bang

    • Electrocution Attack STrength increased.
    • Throw interval Cooldown reduced from 8 to 7 seconds.
    Neil the Sniper

    • Attack Strength increased.
    • Target movinig speed increased.
    • Stun Chance increased from 30% to 70%
    G-18C Freeze Grenade

    • Throw interval Cooldown reduced from 12 to 10 seconds.

    Overall Attack STrength reduced by 5%

    G-35L Flash Bang

    • Electrocution Attack Strength increased.
    G-18C Freeze Grenade

    • Attack Strength reduced.
    Neil the Sniper

    • Attack Strength increased.
    • Target moving speed increased.
    • Stun Chance increased from 30% to 70%.


    Dragon Fang

    • Enemy's Immobility Duration reduced.
    Mana Shield

    • The known issue of Cooldown not taking effect when cancelled while casting is fixed.
    Palm Blast

    • Z-axis attack range slightly reduced.
    • Y-axis attack range slightly reduced.
    • Attack Strength reduced.

    • New function added: increased Attack Speed at higher skill levels.
    Frosty's Head

    • Freeze Rate significantly reduced.
    • Launch Strength increased during aerial combo.
    • Attack Strength reduced.

    • Cooldown increased.
    Magic Festival

    • Buff effect reduced.
    • The following skills will not be affected by the Magic Festival at the Arena.
      • Lava Potion No. 9
      • Hired Summon: Panzer Hodor
      • Disenchant
      • Cheeky Doll Shururu
    Lantern Firebomb

    • Attack STrength reduced.

    • Attack Strength reduced.
    • Launch Strength increased during aerial combo.
    Hired Summon: Panzer Hodor

    • Attack Strength reduced.
    • Cooldown increased from 20 to 30 seconds.
    Elemental Burn

    • Intelligence increase amount reduced.

    Overall Attack STrength reduced by 10%

    Ice Walls

    • X-axis attack range slightly reduced.
    • Y-axis attack range slightly reduced.
    Lightning Strike

    • Attack Strength reduced.
    • Target moving speed slightly reduced.
    • Target no longer seen by enemy.
    • If lightning is not fired, the skill is canceled automatically after 2 seconds.
    Halloween Buster

    • Target no longer seen by enemy.
    Arctic Burst

    • Attack Strength reduced.
    • Movement Speed decrease amount significantly increased.
    • Range increased.

    Overall Attack Strength reduced by 5%.

    Stabbing Wheel

    • Attack Strength reduced.
    Chaser Press

    • Initial delay reduced.
    • Post-attack delay reduced.
    Full Swing

    • Z-axis attack range reduced.
    Gold Dragon Spear

    • Attack Strength increased.
    Punto Wave

    • Initial delay increased.

    HP of lesser spirits increased.

    HP of higher spirits increased.

    Hired Summons

    • Black Knight Sandor
      • Effects of the protective aura reduced.
    • Freet
      • Initial Cooldown removed.
    • Big Sis Luise! Spirit King Echeverria
      • Clear Cube Fragment consumption amount reduced from 3 to 1.
    • Sandor
      • Amount of consumed Gold reduced by half.
    Mark the Target!

    • Capsulre lifespan increased.
    • Magic Attack Strength reduced.
    • Duration increased from 5 to 9 seconds.

    Overall Attack Strength reduced by 8%.

    Snow Dust

    • Enemy's immobility Duration increase amount reduced.
    Death Dust

    • Enemy's immobility duration increased amount reduced.
    Lava Potion No. 9

    • Duration reduced.
    • Attack Strength increased.
    • Jump decrease amount and Movement Speed decrease amount reduced.

    • Cannot launch enemies in Super ARmor status anymore.
    Devolution Flyswatter

    • Monster summon chance removed.


    Phoenix Hammer

    • Post-attack delay significantly reduced.
    Rising Emblem

    • Z-axis attack range reduced.
    Furious Grab

    • Bind time reduced.

    Crusader Plate Armor Mastery

    • Attack Speed decrease amount reduced.
    Deflection Wall

    • Attack range reduced.
    Sign of Protection

    • Vitality and Physical Defense Increase amount reduced.
    • Spirit and Magic Defense increase amount increased
    Grace of Protection

    • Vitality increase amount reduced.
    • Spirit increase amount increased.
    Aura of Conviction

    • Vitality increase amount reduced.
    • Spirit increase amount increased.
    Light of Divinity

    • HP absorbtion amount reduced.
    Flash Sphere

    • Stun time reduced.
    Fountain of Life

    • Duration changed to 30 seconds.


    Exquisite Combo

    • Immobility on 1st and 2nd hits increased.
    • Super Armor on the 3rd hit removed.

    • X-axis attack range slightly reduced.
    Divine Crush

    • Additional damage dealt on the knocked-down enemy increased.
    Machine Gun Tab

    • Z-axis attack range reduced.
    Heavenly Combo

    • Immobility duration on 1st and 2nd hits reduced.
    Hurricane 'n' Roll

    • Post-attack delay slightly increased.
    • Launch Strength on the last hit increased
    Chopping Hammer

    • Cooldown reduced from 8 to 6 seconds.

    Battle Axe & Scythe Mastery

    • Attack Strength increased.
    Lurking Dragon

    • Time for maintaining charged status slightly reduced.
    Gale Smash

    • Post-attack delay reduced.
    Piercing the Darkness

    • Charging time reduced.
    Lightning Amulet

    • HP increased
    • Interval in which the lightning drop reduced.
    Suppression Amulet

    • HP slightly reduced.
    White Tiger

    • Long-range defense added.
    Black Tortoise

    • Long-range defense added.
    • Attack Cooldown icnreased.
    Chaos Hammer

    • Initial delay added when casting the skill.
    Spinning Cross

    • Initial delay when casting the skill increased.
    Atomic Smash

    • Invincibility changed to Super Armor on the last motion.

    Storm Pass

    • The Ridge
      • Avalanche Ravinhur's Hit Recovery, number of consecutive chokes, and the frequency of avalanche attacks reduced.
      • Hit Recovery and Movement Speed reduced for both Beastmaster Luger and Ice Pick Shavante.
    • Frozenheart
      • Map size decreased.
      • The number and frequency of summoned monsters reduced; attack delay and charge delay increased; avalanche attacks reduced.
    • Ryku Point
      • Goblikaze self-explodes after casting; explosion damage decreased.
      • Wacky Lim Lim's Mana Shield weakened.
      • During Ice Golem Ryku's Ice Wave, Cooldown is displayed on top of the head and the attack range is marked in a red dotted line.
    • Frostfield
      • Number of monsters that appear in a room reduced.
      • Yeti's attack motion range increased.
    • Bwanga's Camp
      • Razor Wing: Summons a bird when attacked while being knocked-down (previously, summoned a bird after only being knocked-down); known issue of its movement patterns changing upon dodging, has been fixed.
      • Ice Block Malaga: Cooldowns for rolling back upon being knocked-down, and striking the ground with an ice pillar from the air, increased.
      • Lariat Lari: Attack delay and Cooldown increased when summoning tornados. Cooldown increased when spinning hurricane punch. Cooldown increased when landing a counter upon dodging.
      • Serpentina Sasa: Cooldown increased for when the summoning Ice Snake and poison clouds; Ice Snake's Movement Speed decreased.
    • Ice Palace
      • Number of monsters in Emildir's room decreased.
      • Freeze range of Rossi's Strange Clock decreased; attack range is now marked.
      • Rossi the Ice Queen does not summon a Mohini during solo-play. The time she takes for summoning a named monster after a normal monster increased.
    • Skasa's Lair
      • Northern Wind Nasura's Defense and Hit Recovery decreased.
      • Gust Karta's Defense and Hit Recovery decreased.
      • Ice Dragon Skasa's Attack Strength and Hit Recovery decreased. Initial delay increased on Berserk Dragon's Cry. Damage of Claw Slam Down decreased.
      • Dungeon clear EXP bonus decreased.
    Aphelia Post

    • The Catacombs
      • Location of monsters changed.
      • Overall map size decreased.
      • Wraiths and Soul Eaters removed from the final Boss room.
      • Stone Skeleton's attack delay increased.
    • Labyrinth of Shadows
      • Invitations and Challenges dropped by Seal Stone is now dropped by Shadow Knight Sayoung.
      • "Destroy Armor" chance for Dark Elf Hunter's guided arrows significantly decreased.
      • All high-level spirits removed.
      • Attack Speed of low-level spirits significantly decreased.
    • Scoria Core
      • Some of the maps will have their size decreased.
      • Magic Defense of Soul Eater decreased.
      • Chance of HP Fairy appearing has increased.
      • Attack Speed of Atlas, Titan, and Goliath has decreased.
      • Burning Fiend's burn (abnormal status) damage decreased. Fire Resistance has decreased and it can now be damaged from Fire attacks.
      • Fairies now appear in Burning Fiend's room at a high rate. Invincible Fairy added.
    • Slums Gate
      • Headless Knight's Attack Strength and chance of using ghost horse decreased.
      • Damage from Headless Knight Trap decreased.
      • A tomb will appear in the final Boss room where the Recovery Fairy appears.
    North Myre

    • Brigand City
      • Speedy Saki's Attack Strength decreased.
    Moonlight Tavern

    • Moonlight Tavern
      • Attack Cooldown increased for Drunken Patron, Common Bully, and Back Street Bullies.
      • Attack Strength of Back Street Bullies decreased.
      • Chance of suffering bleeding status from Pickpocket's slash attack significantly decreased.
    The Citadel

    • Odessa Streets
      • Number of monsters that appear in Rocket Man's room decreased.
    • Verderia
      • If hit by Dark Cloud Scarecrow's spinning attack, you will be knocked-down.
      • Cooldown for many of Michelle the Telekinetic's skills increased.
      • Dumpster Dweller monster will be removed from the final Boss room.

    Field of Victory

    • Compared to other maps, there are many remote and hidden areas.
    • Buffs appear in the deep groove at the center of the room.
    Odessa Streets

    • Destructible objects are at the center of the room.
    • Ranged characters should try to protect this object, whereas melee characters should try to destroy it.
    • Although the map starts out small, destroying the object will make the map bigger.

    • When you enter the Beginner channel for the first time after an Update, the Arena Tutorial will begin.
    Basic Combo Guide Added

    • Learn basic combos that are widely used in the Arena.
    Practice APCs Improved

    • Performing aerial combos on the practice APC will now be easier.
    • "Smarter" (AI) APCs that use a variety of skills will be added.
    Map / APC selection and other basic UI changed.


    New Character Avatars

    • After the Player creates a new character, completes the Beginner's Tutorial, and taken back to Seria's room, an Arad Introduction Package will automatically be sent.
      • Three avatars (hair, top, and bottom) are included in Arad Introduction Package.
      • Players will receive 1 of 3 random styles for the hair, top, and bottom avatars.
    Difficulty Sharing System

    • The Difficulty Sharing System is a new function that detects the highest level road upon which a dungeon was successfully cleared on an account – in essence, a 'personal best' for the account. It then "shares" this information with all characters on that account.
      • For example: If Character A has only successfully cleared Mirkwood Hollow on Normal Road, but Character B has unlocked Master's Road, Character A will be able to run Mirkwood Hollow on Master's Road.
    • Please note that Players must still clear Lorien Hollow and Second Spine on each character to acquire entrance to both Hendon Myre and Aphelia Post, respectively.
    Lethe's Honey

    • The Potion of Awakening is a consumable item that resets all purchase Skill Points, and will be sent via in-game mail when the appropriate awakening quest is completed, and the character awakened.
    • The Potion of Awakening will expire in 3 days.
    Moving Characters on "Character Select" Screen

    • On the "Character Select" screen, you can choose the order in which your characters are displayed. If you aren't currently playing the character you first created, move it to the very end of the list, and place the one you're currently playing with in the first position!
    Dungeon Entry Item

    • Materials needed to enter a dungeon (i.e.: Interdimensional Blade of Chaos) will only be consumed upon completing that dungeon. Should the client end in the middle of the dungeon run, neither the material will be consumed, nor that run counted towards the daily limit.
    Mail Attachments

    • Send up to 10 attachments with one mail.
    • Verify the mail recipient's level and class before you send the item(s).
    • When you receive multiple items, you can take what you need/want, and send the rest back!
    Changing Skill Commands

    • Users can now alter Skill Commands for skills.
    • The buttons that can be used for Skill Commands are the 4 directional keys, Z, X, C, and the SPACE bar. However, only Z, X, C, and the SPACE bar can end the command.
    • Although a warning will display for a duplicate command, you will still be able to enter it.
    Divided Chat Window

    • In window mode, the in-game chat window can be moved to outside the main game window.
    • When you hover over the chat window, to the right of the "Sys" tab, a new icon exists that allows you to move the chat window to either the left or the right of the game screen.
    Auction Hall

    • The "Buy Now" and "Bid" options are switched with respect to placement, and the "Buy Now" button now appears on top.
    • When searching for Consumables, items will sort by the "Buy Now" price.
    • Customize the order in which the item you're searching for sorts by clicking on the Price Arrangements tab.
    • New Auction Hall Hotkeys added
      • To open the previous page, click F1.
      • To open the following page, click F2.
    • The price per item cost can be viewed when you mouse over the Consumables slot.
    • Auction Hall window size increased.
    • Review the item price (via pop-up window) when you attempt to big or buy an item.
    • A warning window will now appear when you attempt to purchase an item that is at least double the average listing price.
    Returned Hero

    • This new system welcomes back Dungeon Fighters who have not logged in for a minimum of 3 consecutive weeks, by helping them find dungeon parties with ease, and distributing items to enhance game-play.
    • Returned Hero Package: This package will be automatically distributed to players upon their first log-in. If left unclaimed, the package and their contents will be removed in 7 days. The package contains Hero five (5) Hero 28 Animations, and a Returned Hero Title.
      • Hero 28 Animation: An APC that can be used to in dungeons to aid you in battle (count: 5)
      • Returned Hero Title:
        • Max HP/MP +250
        • Str/Vit/Int/Spr +30
        • All Elemental Resistance +8
        • Inventory Weight +10kg
        • Attack/Casting/Mvmt Speed +4%
        • Duration: 14 Days
    • Returned Hero Party Play Benefits: For 2 weeks, both the Returned Hero and their Party Members will benefit from a +20% dungeon clear EXP bonus, and a bonus Gold Card; however, the Returned Hero does not have to party-play to receive these benefits. Please note that the bonus Gold Card will always grant the same item as the original flipped Gold Card.
    • Returned Hero Notification: When a Returned Hero logs in for the first time, Seria will send a letter announcing your return to all of players who have the Returned Hero on their Friend's List.


    • Improved Safe UI Window.
    • New buttons added to add/retrieve items from your Safe.
    Epic Loot Pick-Up

      • The "Acquire" button is now replaced by a pop-up window that allows players to either "Bid" or "Forfeit" an Epic item.
      • Players must choose to either "Bid" or "Forfeit" an item within the allotted time period, or they will automatically forfeit that item.
      • When "Bid" is selected by multiple players, the item will be distributed by the conditions listed below:
    Priority Type
    1st Character Class/Job Advancement
    2nd Ability to equip the corresponding item (Job Advancement, level, etc.)
    3rd Random distribution among party members
    • If the Character is dead and in Ghost Mode, the Bid and Forfeit option will be inactive, and will only become active if the Player is resurrected via Life Token. If however the character dies while the Epic Loot window is displayed, the Bid and Forfeit options will be available.
    • When the Epic Loot window is active, no other items can be picked up until the Epic item has been distributed.
    • The Epic Loot functionality does NOT affect Chronicle items.
    Dungeon Minimap

    • Dungeon Minimap will be active as soon as the Player enters the dungeon.
    • When a room is successfully cleared, a blinking question mark (?) will appear in the next available room on the Minimap (this does not affect the Boss Room or Hell Party).
    Disassembly Profession

    • A personal Disassembler will only be allowed to be set up in certain areas. Much like the Personal Shop, a circular guide image will appear, and change color if you attempt to set up shop in a prohibited area.
      • A green circle indicates an area where you can set up your Disassembler.
      • A red circle indicates a prohibited area.
    Dungeon Room Gates

    • Known Issue of "stuck" dungeon room gates addressed.
    • If a party-member is under a sleep effect when the room is cleared, and all other party members are by the dungeon room gate, the whole party will be able to progress to the next room without delay.
    Item Tooltip

    • Known issue of lengthy tool tips have been formatted.
    Party Matching

    • All formed parties in any channel can be viewed.
    • Filtering function added for when Area and View Dungeon are selected from the Party List window.
    • Other party lists can be viewed even while you're in a party.
    • The request to join a party window will no longer close by hitting the Enter key.
    • Although a dungeon is selected when a party is formed, it will be possible to enter another dungeon.
    Beginner's Tutorial & Early Game-play updated for ease of play.

    "Trading" with NPCs

    • The Trade function has been changed to "Shop" or "Shop/Repair." You will only see "Shop/Repair" if you visit an NPC that also repairs broken items.
    Dungeon Selection Process

    • Select dungeons by either clicking with your mouse or keyboard.
    • Practice Mode, Hell Mode, and Return to Town can all be selected with a hotkey.
      • Move dungeon selections by clicking on either ? or ?.
      • Select dungeon level difficulty with either ? or ?.
      • Enter the dungeon with the SPACE bar.
      • Practice Mode: F10
      • Hell Mode: F11
      • Return to Town: F12
    Reduction of High Level Item Repair Costs

    • The repair costs for level 55% equipment items are reduced by 5%.
    Chronicle Equipment Items

    • The number of required items (Chaos Stone, Spirit Crystal, Low Grade Elemental Crystal, and Omen of Calamity) significantly reduced.

    • The cost to produce rare equipment from recipes reduced as follows:
      • 15% reduction for Lv. 15 items.
      • 20% reduction for Lv. 20 items.
      • 50% reduction for Lv. 25 items.
      • 70% reduction for Lv. 30 items.
      • 82% reduction for Lv. 35 items.
      • 90% reduction for Lv. 40 items.
      • 95% reduction for Lv. 45 items.
    • Reduction of costs do not affect recipes that contain the "(Old)" marker.
    • Rare Weapon Recipes up through level 60 will not require as many colored cubes, but will require more Clear Cubes.
    • Known Issue of the Recipe Material window's scroll bar is fixed.
    • Known Issue of recipe lists in the Recipe material window not appearing is fixed.
    Repurchase Items

    • Repurchasing items sold to NPCs now possible.
    • A 'Repurchase' tab has been added to all NPC trade windows, allowing you to repurchase sold items.
    • Ordinary equipment (white) that cannot be upgraded cannot be repurchased.
    • It will be possible to repurchase the last 21 items sold to an NPC; anything over 21 will not be able to be repurchased.
    Skill Effect Opacity

    • Adjust party member's opacity in the Options window.
    • Opacity adjustments can be applied to monsters summoned by party members.
    Material Item Expenditure Indicator

    • Detailed expenditure information added to item explanations.
    Entry Requirements for Ancient Dungeons

    • Players now within 3 levels (old: 5 levels) of the dungeon's required level can now enter.
    • The level requirement for Vilmark - Area 50 has been reduced by 1 to 51, and minimum required level for entrance has been changed to 48.
    • Related quests have also been adjusted to match the new level requirement.
    Ghost Status System

    • A new punitive Ghost Status system will affect Players who die in dungeons, and do not resurrect.
    • Characters will enter "Ghost Status" when they die in dungeon, and they will receive the following penalties if they do not resurrect, allowing themselves to be "carried" through the remainder of the dungeon.
      • Any EXP or gold that are gained in rooms following the player's death will not be applied to the player. The penalty does not apply to the room in which the Player died.
      • Proportionate to how many rooms were cleared before the Player died, the chance for a Reward Card to appear will decrease. For example if the Player dies in the first room and does not resurrect for the entire run, this Player will not be able to select a Reward Card.
      • The dungeon result screen will display skulls if the Player is suffering from Ghost Status.
      • If the Player resurrects after a set amount of time after death, they will be able to normally acquire EXP and gold; however, assessed penalties will not be revoked.
    Locking Items

    • A new feature to prevent unintentionally moving or deleting items is added and affects Equipment, Avatars, and Creature eggs.
    • If an item is Locked, harmful actions that could potentially damage an item will not affect it.
    • A maximum of 100 items can be locked per character.
    • Lock items by clicking Alt + left mouse click on the item.
    • Locked items can be unlocked by clicking Alt + left mouse click (the unlocking process can take up to 72 hours to register).
    • Cancel the unlock process by clicking Alt + left mouse click again.

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