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Ask GSD about the Auction Hall (i.e. no avatars until economy stabilizes)

Discussion in 'General DFO' started by Infection, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. Infection Cool story, bro

    Eh, I'd rather have avatars in AH now.
  2. VariousGuy Dead Guy

    By the time the Priest Patch hits, the avatars will be sellable, I bet. Or, at least, somewhere inbetween now and the patch.
  3. Heidi Member

    As an ex Maplestory player, I'm actually just happy that effort is made for this game to make the economy work. It'd be nice to have the avatars NOW, but I'm happy with what we have. Maplestory never had a centralised market system unless you count the mts or the stupid things you could pay 70c for to do *one* search of the FM. THIS GAME ACTUALLY HAS PEOPLE STRATEGIZING HOW TO MAKE GAME PLAY MORE ENJOYABLE RATHER THAN JUST PEOPLE STRATEGIZING HOW TO MAKE THE BIGGEST POSSIBLE PROFIT OUT OF IT!!!
  4. Gir Raging Homosexual

    Keep lying to yourself, champ.
    The whole STABLE MARKET thing is probably some bullshit excuse they put out there because it sounds good. I doubt that's the actual reason.
  5. Soltis Carried by Sandors

    Hahaha, I knew they were holding it out on purpose, seriously. It's code for; milk shit till september.

    Personally I'm starting to wonder about how much use/usefulness the AH is bringing just in general now.
    I mean it has made some items easier to obtain, but I've been noticing less and less people are selling their stuff on there(anything over 1m) and resorting to using shops again, as it feels like alot of people aren't even viewing certain items on there. Not to mention how short 24hr is for an auction time. Everyone just tries to snipe right at the end instead of having an actual auction.
  6. VariousGuy Dead Guy

    It's because of the lack of selling avatars and all that crap. Once people can sell their avatars for ridiculous prices on the AH, it'll be used a lot more. Plus, I like finding some weapons easier.
  7. Ridureyu Old Man

    I'm seeing tons of cheap stuff on the auction house. And by "cheap," I mean just about everything.
  8. Soltis Carried by Sandors

    I don't think the prices will be ridiculous, but I am in the same boat of we only have like a halfassed participation buy/sell wise in AH atm until avatars come.

    Yea, feels like the only way to sell anything is mass undercut everyone else. And then add-on that stuff gets sent back in 24hr it feels like your stuff is never selling :/
  9. Ridureyu Old Man

    The economy is basically turning into arad/kDnF. You know, waht people demanded, but then eventually realize they don't want. if the economy prices everything at 50K instead of 50 mil, you will not be earning 50 mil.

    ...but the bright side is, you won't NEED 50 mil!
  10. VariousGuy Dead Guy

    I gotta stop thinking that the prices in the shops will never change...

    Well, if it gets sent back, you get the 10k you spent on the item back. But yeah, I had to cut the price on my Demonic Gauntlets I was trying to sell to barely below 20k, or it wouldn't sell. Then again, there are another set of gauntlets at the same level, so maybe that's it.
  11. DualReaver ǝʇnɔ os ɯ,ı

    I find myself being forced to undercut prices by at least 10% on all items in order to sell them, unless there's very few there to begin with.

    Everything in the Auction House is cheap. The only problem is that people, like me, who never buy anything, have now found that all the items they want to sell are practically worthless. Pretty much any equip I could have sold for 100k before in a shop because it was so worthless, is now not even worth putting up, and is better of being turned into cubes. It's very helpful for stabalizing the economy, exceptfor the fact that in order to merchant, you need money, and it's even harder to get nowadays.
  12. Soltis Carried by Sandors

    ACT2: The Great Depression :V
  13. Gir Raging Homosexual

    Anyway, auction house is great if you're a jew (see: soltis) and had an assload of money before this.
    But trying to make money now is ridiculous.
  14. Archie Mexocan

    With the auction house, worthless items literally became worthless, only things had had any worth has kept some worth =/
  15. Ring "...that's my role."

    Just like the noob-o-meter thing lolol

    I'm so glad I sold most of my shit befor AH :DDDDDDDD and Im still making money with AH with desperate people buying out the good shit.
  16. Soltis Carried by Sandors

    In these times, I think the only truly solid advice I can give is to avoid high-end upgrading unless its for your own use, because the kind of gold spent on Kiri would carry so much more weight now.

    I'm really regretting the money I spent trying just for +12 Guilty Pile, but fortunately I stopped before it got any worse
    (that elemia rod I was originally going to use myself also).
  17. LHCGreg Code monkey like Fritos

    Exactly. Equip prices relative to each other are more or less the same. You'll be making less gold but you can still buy the same stuff with that gold. The only real effects are:

    1. People who had a lot of gold before AH are even richer now.
    2. People who bought stuff in the hope of reselling them got screwed with any leftover merchandise
    3. Pots are a complete sucker bet now.
    4. Upgrading equips hurts your wallet more.
  18. MelodyInsanity {The Unimaginative Title}

    but it also means
    selling whites mean a lot more, repair fees are even more of a bitch, and generally it's easier to get gold without getting rares.
  19. Soltis Carried by Sandors

    Hmmm, I think there's something that I know I've been overlooking until now but;

    Does anyone know how cubes/materials etc are doing right now?
  20. Archie Mexocan

    The amount of gold you would get from grinding hasn't changed, but the gold we get directly from grinding, is worth a lot more now considering the price of so many things got slashed - you can get more crap with less! =o

    But making the same amount of money from selling rares is definitely harder...

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