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Act XI: Wrath of Kazan

Discussion in 'DFO News' started by Bernelli, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. Bernelli Death By Revolver

  2. gongfuren GongJiZhe

  3. Fynl Lunchbox Hero

    Sounds great!

    Nothing for gunners? :(
  5. Female Gunners are already a decent class. Male Gunners are just terrible and no buffs would fix them. (okay maybe not this but they are still terrible imo)
  6. gongfuren GongJiZhe

    As a player that mains a Desperado, I am insulted.

    Now excuse me while I give Gabriel and Kiri all of my money to almost match the damage of non-gunner classes.
  7. Female Launchers. Forever the master class for gunners. (if you are looking for a cheap class to gear)
  8. Hiroshi dat smirk

    DFO is updating so rapidly, I'm starting to get jealous. q_q

    Also guys make sure you run around with at least 5m for Gabriel or you might regret it.

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