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A taste of DragonNest for your eyes and ears

Discussion in 'Dragon Nest' started by FenixStryk, Jun 21, 2010.

  1. FenixStryk Member

    I can't wait for you guys to get a hold of this game. The experience is phenomenal, to say the least.
  2. Ring "...that's my role."

    was that ngr screaming on the 2nd skill? rofl nice

    how good do our graphics and RAM have to be for this game?
  3. FenixStryk Member

    They're very low; even I can run it, which is impressive considering I built this PC in 2002.

    CPU: PentiumIII 1.6Ghz
    Memory: 512MB
    Graphics Card: Geforce 5700
    (Radeon 9550)

    CPU: Intel Core 1.66Ghz or better
    Memory: 1GB or better
    Graphics Card: Geforce 6600 or better
    (Radeon X1300 or better)
  4. Ring "...that's my role."

    o wow wdf those are pretty low for this game, my computer was built in 2005ish iirc.

    I has 1 GB RAM I phail...but I guess its enough to run this shit. it's not a clicklidy click game is it?
  5. FenixStryk Member

    There isn't an extreme amount of clicking. Default attack combos for melee occur automatically by just holding down Left/Right Mouse (the longer you hold it, the more moves in the default combo it will perform), and skills are bound to hotkeys on the keyboard. You won't be double-tapping very often like in DFO, if at all.

    The most clicking you'll ever have to do is once per second on a Mage if you want to spam your uncharged default attack... which is rare to never (Charge Attack shares the same button; hold to charge).
  6. Ring "...that's my role."


    Im sorry but I've played two MMO's and attacking with mouse meant the hot keyed skills had to be used after clicking a dam monster, is this the case here? can we move with asdw or arrow keys or is it also lcick and move? I srsly hate clicking games.
  7. FenixStryk Member

    Oh, you mean like in WoW where you have to target something first and then just press hotkeys until something dies? No, not at all.

    Dragon Nest operates somewhat like an FPS. There is no targetting, only aiming with the mouse and attacking via mouse buttons and hotkeys. If you aimed it well enough, it will hit your enemy.

    The simplest way to describe it would be to call it DFO in 3D if it had a different world/story/class set. Many gameplay mechanics found in DFO are also in DN, save for the whole "you aim with the mouse because it's in 3D" thing.
  8. LHCGreg Code monkey like Fritos

    Are those requirements reported by Nexon? They say minimum for DFO is 128 MB RAM and I would LOVE to see someone try to run DFO with that little. DFO by itself can use over 300 MB and you're going to need to RAM for the OS and all other running processes.

    How much memory does task manager say DN uses?
  9. Ring "...that's my role."

    never played WoW, just Silkroad ( trading triangle system was REALLY addicting) and Perfect World ( got to lvl 4 and quit).

    ah I see so mouse is just for aiming and "xxx" ing as if it were DFO? it interests me then.
  10. geenareeno Not gReenareeno

    This isn't vindictus is it?
  11. FenixStryk Member

    Give me a sec to patch the game and run a dungeon and I'll get back to you on that.

    That's one way to describe it. I'm glad it interests you; it's more engaging than it appears to be at first glance.
  12. Running Wild SMASHAAAAAAAAA!!!

    Not interested unless the PvP is good.

    I won't bother with a MMO if the PvP is boring.
  13. FenixStryk Member

    PvP is solid, especially the Team PvP.

    1v1 is a little imbalanced, with Paladins and Ice Mages doing a little better than the other classes.
  14. Holypie Mmmmmmmm

    I want to make an Ice Mage so badly...
  15. Running Wild SMASHAAAAAAAAA!!!

    I skimmed through some of the classes, Paladin sounds like my cup of tea.
  16. Tempo Tasteless

    Dragon nest is literally 3D DFO. The game is amazing though, i wish i continued playing it.
  17. TheHolyGuy Member

    What's the site?
  18. Stream Is Starting Anew.

  19. Tempo Tasteless

    I'll list off the ones i know.

    Acrobat: Basic Fast Fighting combo class. Based of kicks and twirls, subclass of archer
    Ranger: Bow user of Archer subclasses, focuses on ranged attacks with.. bows.

    Elemental Master: Basic Mage class, two elements, Fire and Ice
    Force User: Kind of a nuetral magic mob class, didnt see alot of these even though i wanted to make one, so im not exactly sure

    Paladin: Basic Tank, pretty boss.
    Priest: Basic Buffer, but can hold his own in solo with some nice AoE Attacks.

    Warriors: No idea, never cared for them.
  20. geenareeno Not gReenareeno

    This game looks freakin' sweet. And i'm assuming it's vindictus since no one knows or ignored me lol.


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