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Mar 2, 2012
May 12, 2010
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Mar 2, 2012
    1. Soltis
      Ahh, ok. Thank you for the info it helps.

      Lol ill be honest, the main reason I'm asking is because I'm sorta spitballing ideas for a PVP summoner(like lvl12 atm started actually lvling it today).
      And one of the builds I've come up with is this;

      Build 50cap
      Build 60cap

      I know I'm kinda going in abit of uncharted territory just by being PVP(theres some summoners out there but few and far betwen I think), and even moreso trying to have like a hybrid sacrifice build, but still interested in at least checking out the possibilities and maybe doing something different heh.

      The pentacle has a decent amount of x and y axis yea? I know the percent damage gets cut alot in pvp, but it still seems somewhat decent on ador/stalker sac passives.
    2. Soltis
      Hey~ was wondering if you could clarify a few things about sacrifice summoners for me;

      Which skills affect the damage done? spirit sacrifice, the specific type of sacrifice, and/or the summon's level?

      How exactly does the sac attack work. Do you just hit the hotkey when the summon is near you and itll explode or? And does it auto target mobs or random strikes.
    3. Ring
      I'm gonna kidnap you [:
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