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Apr 28, 2011
May 13, 2010
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Carried by Sandors

Soltis was last seen:
Apr 28, 2011
    1. BlanixTheBlood
      This is why we migrated away from dfos.
    2. BlanixTheBlood
      I expected you atleast to say something in the summoner thread.
    3. Soushin
      lol "best". GG
    4. Gir
    5. Gir
      dfos down?
    6. Gloomy
      This is the replacement to that replacement. Some tech came by and swapped my motherboard on me on the DL. Probably to make a quick buck. Which is a shame because the motherboard I had to begin with had a graphics card that overclocked like a CHAMP. This one he gave me won't budge 5MHz. But that's not the main problem. The main problem is that NONE of the ports on this motherboard work. And it BSODs intermittently. And the bluetooth light is on (I don't have bluetooth...).
    7. Gloomy
      Oh, I forgot to say. Remember how a while ago I told you about how I paid extra for a warranty on my laptop? Dell's mailing me a brand new model (just came out last week-ish) in a few weeks.

      I get to be a baller for free. Can't beat that, nigga
    8. Gloomy
      LOL bro. Source is the shittiest place to get summoner advice. IIRC I was saying Wisps are a must-max like seven months ago and shit, in every single summoner build thread. I said it, people agreed. But nobody actually followed my advice.
    9. Gloomy
      Wow, they increased Summoner damage output by a lot... I just ran spider's in record time
    10. LHCGreg
      Before you do that, you might want to check the Japanese wiki and see if the data is the same. If it is, no need to upload your screenshots. Thanks.
    11. Gloomy
      BRO. Download League of Legends. PLAY IT.
    12. Gloomy
      Hah. I'll probably log in for few minutes just to have a go at the prize. Not really interested in playing the game all like that. School/work/living/reading is consuming a lot of my time.
    13. HellMuT
      And ever.
    14. HellMuT
    15. HellMuT
      I still hope you're banned.
    16. HellMuT
      I hope you get banned you rule breaker.
    17. Soushin
      Was it this one?

      All other fandub I've heard were either terrible singer or terrible audio quality.
    18. HellMuT
      Which is further proof that I would never do such a thing.
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