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Mar 20, 2019 at 2:49 PM
May 10, 2010
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That one crazy witch

what up Mar 2, 2015

saccharin was last seen:
Mar 20, 2019 at 2:49 PM
    1. Gloomy
      Hey that hurts. I'd totally use proper punctuation and grammar and even big words if I didn't think it would hurt my persona.

      There's something about capitals and periods that makes everything I say sound condescending. Like, yeah, I'm better than you and this is what I say: this sentence starts Here and ends here.

      But, that's not be bby. I'm more like: yep I'm better than you

      you know? or maybe not. ask stark though; he'll understand. have you noticed he's taken to dropping periods like I do when he tries to troll? what a biter
    2. Gloomy
      wow double post
    3. Gloomy
      ...do I really post like Yandere? you better stop before you get all these ppl mad at you for comparing them to Cheese

      wow 5 pages already... do you know if they're gonna cycle discussion threads this time around? cause the witch thread is more like Witch Casual and less srs bsns
    4. Gloomy
      keep guessing baby I love to see you all curious

      it's cute I guess witches really are like cats
    5. Gloomy
      ...stop going to my profile you stalker witch ;_;
    6. 2bninja
      Oh man Ring told you my plan T_T.
    7. Ring
      btw 2bninja payed me gold to distracted you sorry :(
    8. Ring
      It's like an X would just give it that sh sound , lol this how you got your name? xD
    9. Ring
      Katherine sounds very similar to Saccharin
    10. Soushin
      Seriously don't join DFOsauce. I made that unmoderated forum because i was sick of having to mod and remove inappropriate pictures on Source. DFO Sauce was created so they can share NSFW pictures all they want in a hidden forum.
    11. HellMuT
      >Posts Per Day
      >my face
    12. Soushin
      orly. Doesn't look like Nayru joined here yet. That person is giving you a headstart.

      Also DFOsauce nids ur posts 2. I herd dey r hiring m0ds. (Not really. Don't join unless you really want to see penises all the time, literally.)
    13. Infection
      Crazy witch, posting like you're grinding. :d
    14. Dante9898
      wheres the witch thread in where ur grinding the post count?
    15. Holypie
      God damn, 36.24 PPD???
    16. HellMuT
      You are crazy.
    17. HellMuT
      Posts Per Day: 27
      and counting
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