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Sep 9, 2017
May 10, 2010
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That one crazy witch

what up Mar 2, 2015

saccharin was last seen:
Sep 9, 2017
    1. AiNoMinako
    2. Stream

      Team Name?
    3. Stream
      No problem, get at me when you can.
    4. Stream
      That's great, Well Today I'll catch you around and we'll see how it goes.
    5. Stream
      Trying out Madayzoo's launcher, he says he is pretty confident,
      Tried out greenaro, meh, didnt pass at all would call him C tier.

      Being a launcher I doubt them being very capable to PvP so I will --------------

      Okay thought process just shutoff, I forgot about my best mode battlemage friend who wants to join.
      I think we might be set.
      I'm going to be pvp'n all day tommorow So get at me.
    6. Stream
      Btw, I'm going to apply for that 3v3 elim tourney soon, if your still interested in partying with me ( Wow, reading the side and it says your in that thread now, what are the chances ), I'll like to test how you play again kk?

      EDIT: Just read the thread and your in a group, kk. nvm.
    7. Stream
      After seeing your on every forum also..Which do you like the must In your personal opinion.
      I'm just curious.
      Can PM it if you want.
      Or not tell me if you mind.
    8. Ring
      The one you made and was owning in beginner channels and you decided to make it a ranger.
    9. Ring
      What ever happen to your "pro" ranger? you evaded that question in DFOS >:l
    10. Ring
      So I heard you like witches
    11. FenixStryk
      No cheating!
    12. Fellhound
    13. Fellhound
      So you posted your pic for a grand total of... three minutes?
    14. Soltis
      Lol, So I was watching the news today and apperently Fap stocks went down by 70 points. Although the Dow Jones is stable.
    15. Soltis
      I just dont really understand where all the hate comes from. Every discussion I've seen where ppl try to figure it out, theres always these vague complaints abouts mods or whatnot. As far as I can tell all we basically did was change the interface and trade trolls around or something to the like.
    16. Soltis
      Both. Honestly I dont mean you when I say this(seriously I dont), some people seemed to have totally discarded the "we're another site alongside dfosource" mentality and only seem interested in ragging on whats almost an identical forum.

      I just think I enjoyed it alot more when I used to just chill with peps in a single, simple spam forum. Its what made me stop from being marketplace only.

      On a different subject: About to post pics of my new pc in a few mins lol
    17. Soltis
      These forums are getting too serious imo :<
    18. Soltis
      Why did you decide to make that thread btw? just did it for the lulz?

    19. Soltis
      Faillllllllllllllllllllllllll D: and you deleted my posts wtf :< now people won't see I'm a rebel.

      Also read through some necrobump'd thread about you stalking some guy Stark irl? :o
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