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Jul 8, 2015
May 11, 2010
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Feb 15, 1991 (Age: 28)
With Izzy <3
Student =.=

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"...that's my role.", 28, from With Izzy <3

hurrr Sep 1, 2011

Ring was last seen:
Jul 8, 2015
    1. Bahamut
      I'm surprised you called it grindy!
      I'm already at the level cap in a week or so and I'm working on a second character.
      Just follow the quest line and buy quest items from the market. No grinding necessary.

      Lemme know if you ever wanna go on to play. I'm on everyday.
    2. Bahamut
      I almost left myself a visitor message thinking it was for you.

      Yea I check for visitor messages from you only once a day and now's actually not a great time to play video games :P
      Lots of family events lately. Feel free to join me in Vindictus though ;D

      Yea but you got bored of it. Lemme know when you're free and we'll figure something out.
      Your face is inconsistent
    3. Bahamut
      Well it depends. Maybe I'll go on. Gotta be more convincing then "Got no work or school all week :D"

      I've heard that one before and the follow up was, "LAWL GIVING BIRTH"
      Weak weak excuses, lemme know when you have a day you will for sure be on 24/7

      Besides I'm sure you're too over leveled/OP to party with me, that or you're on like one of your 8 new slayers. u no it gurl
    4. Salty
      Yeaahh we shall do that (:
    5. Bahamut
      I noticed you left me two messages so I'm doing the same. Oh how much joy I'm putting into your life right now. ;D
    6. Bahamut
      You wish I'm not going online unless there's a really good reason!
      No, seeing you isn't a good reason.
      Lemme know when you're not busy and I don't get the ho-hum:

      You know you miss me, XOXO Yumi

      P.S. I take back the XOXO
    7. BlanixTheBlood
      >implying I have skype at school
    8. Salty
      That reminds me, have we even partied together yet?
      We should do some dailies together some day, so you can watch how much I fail.
    9. Bahamut
      There's a reason for that c;
    10. Bahamut
      No no no even an appointment is too flattering.
      We'll schedule a.... brief acquaintance.

      P.S. Bring NX, Gold, Purples, Pinks, and Oranges, don't be skimpy

      P.P.S. I mean equipment not rainbow colored drugs you Mexican D:<
    11. Salty
      We'll pretend it's a pancake, it looks like one anyway. I went to bed! Like a good girl~
    12. Salty
      She's eating bread!
    13. Salty
      Crumbs are falling from my eyes, you meanie. You mean: "Get some friends."
    14. Bahamut
      Your face I don't need no butt hole squad to save me >:C
      We'll schedule a DFO date.
      Nevermind not a date, I'm flattering you too much.
    15. Bahamut
      None of your business, not that you care since I never see you on DFO >:C
    16. Bahamut
      Ew it's you
    17. geenareeno
      Hey is there a list of the ogg files that correspond to dungeons in dfo. Also do you know the channel select name off hand?
    18. geenareeno
      Okay cool. Lol, I can see someone is back, threads all have new posts from you and I have a vm. Dam I wish I could play dfo.
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    Feb 15, 1991 (Age: 28)
    With Izzy &lt;3
    Student =.=
    Brown and sexy

    Games, girls, Arizona Green Tea, Soccer