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Jul 8, 2015
May 11, 2010
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Feb 15, 1991 (Age: 28)
With Izzy <3
Student =.=

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"...that's my role.", 28, from With Izzy <3

hurrr Sep 1, 2011

Ring was last seen:
Jul 8, 2015
    1. Vibe
      herpe birthday
      from vibe
    2. Bahamut
      My schedule is the same as my DFO one.
      I was on all day again but I guess I have to wait for you to get home and go through your 23 other distractions. :/
    3. Bahamut
      Oh you know me, always entertaining others, with or without clothing.

      I'm on now so stop being a square D:<
    4. Bahamut
      I was on all day today and was dying of boredom. Thanks, THANKS A LOT >:C
      DFO all over again. Luckily it's impossible to just stay in channel 6 in Vindictus
    5. Bahamut
      Lol will do that. I'm still Yumimi :P
    6. Bahamut
      Lol I don't have many other friends in the game that I party with a lot. Lots of soloing because I'm an independent business woman >:C
    7. Kudan
      *just doing this to make u have 1,000 visitor messages xD*
      congratz (if this is even a decent achievement)
    8. Kudan
      maybe one day b4 the 3 days are up wanna do a daily run with my champ?
    9. Kudan
      ok ok give me 3 days
    10. Kudan
      what u mean by "tryout" ???
    11. Bahamut
      Oh did you really?
      Well that discourages me from coming back >:C

      Healing is obsolete end game anyways. Well okay if you don't wanna join me that's fine :c -making you feel guilty-
    12. Kudan
      1. my ranger would have awakened by nao but i cant seem to get her ass past 43 (no one will take me in any bwanga parties)
      2.im flat broke so i cant afford any new armor for my chars
      3.all of my chars are in a guild except for one (thats because i never play him period) i can bring him in to like to chat with everybody and stuff.

      my primary goal: to awaken my ranger,grappler,and exo before theif classes comes out (and by what ppl say its gonna be sometime in the summer)

      and i gotta update my reminder
    13. Salty
      Wait I thought you quit school? Whut. LOL on your bday!
      Drawing on yours.
    14. Bahamut
      Fine with me. I didn't need you in Vindictus anyways >:D
      There's two types of Evies, if you went staff, congrats you picked super hard mode.
      Otherwise go Scythe or choose another class. Anything but staff Evie
    15. Salty
      Yeah, me too ):
      Hmm if it's not jam then, I welcome strawberry sauce. Sounds yummy.
    16. Bahamut
      Fiona's better. I think Lann's are the most stamina consuming and has least defense.
      I've never played one and won't anytime soon.
      Fiona's more strategic. Evie has been released, not sure if she was when you played.
      Doubt you'd want to play a female character but she makes the game become easy mode >_>
      Lann's also get a skill that improves Stamina recovery later on anyways.
      Besides, you know I'd power level you anyways you noob.

    17. Salty
      No strawberry sauce, especially if it tastes like jam. I don't hate it, but if I had an option to not eat it, I'd go with that D:
    18. Salty
      Okay, so we partied together today~ but it didn't really turn out the way I wanted to. I'm sorry for ditching so fast! ;___;
      I feel bad. We'll have another make up party okay? When I'm less under pressure and rushed.

      And I don't know if I want to be bled over... not pancake's style. Plus it makes things soggy. Do not want soggy pancake.
    19. Bahamut
      I accidentally wrote myself a visitor message >_>

      Lol it gets better past specific levels, and equipment grinding is unnecessary.

      Equipment always breaks, plus you can skip many level gaps of equipment.
      Other than that everything is pretty much handed to you in the game.
      All you have to do is level to make progress.
      And just use the marketplace for equipment materials >_>
      What class did you play?
    20. Salty
      Why would she bleed all over me?
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    Feb 15, 1991 (Age: 28)
    With Izzy &lt;3
    Student =.=
    Brown and sexy

    Games, girls, Arizona Green Tea, Soccer