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Aug 1, 2011
Apr 30, 2010
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Jan 2, 1987 (Age: 32)
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Software develooper

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Code monkey like Fritos, Male, 32

LHCGreg was last seen:
Aug 1, 2011
    1. RawrBomb
      Flanders. Never forget!
    2. 2bninja
      Then it works!
    3. Ring
      oh ahha alright then
    4. Ring
      you make it sound like people report al my stuff >:

      the one mentioning the thread locked at DFOsource
    5. Mark
      I wasn't doing it for post count. I was doing it to welcome the new members.

      Please delete the warning.
    6. Mark
      Okay, clearly you have something against me. Or else you wouldn't be slamming me with those pretty little warnings here and there. Go on, let's talk it out. What is it about me? Welcoming new users isn't allowed now?
    7. Ring
      lol was my post reported? for some reason I didn't post that quote.
    8. Ring
      alright coo.
    9. Ring
      aw crap well since there was no semi topless oh well

      what about just a girl with a skirt in the ground without a guy in the bottom?
    10. Mark
      What's the point of PMing you if you're too blind to notice the spam yourself? She mentioned she never got warned for it, so PMing a moderator would've solved nothing.
    11. Mark
      Really now? Some user spams all day every day, and we're not allowed to talk about it in a serious manner? For instance, we all know she 'spams' hence the myriad of threads in the Spam forum pointing it out, but I'm the one who gets punished for not thinking it's funny? I didn't realize freedom of speech didn't pertain to this forum.
    12. Mark
      Ignoring infraction dispute PMs isn't very professional now is it?
    13. Heidi
      Delete this if you don't want it here and once you've read it...

      Look at the left of the quote boxes. See that little triangle that sticks out? It seems to change colour seperately to the rest. It's still the old colour :P

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    "'How do you fight someone smarter than yourself?' Rand whispered. 'The answer is simple. You make her think that you are sitting down across the table from her, ready to play her game. Then you punch her in the face as hard as you can.'" - The Gathering Storm


    Jan 2, 1987 (Age: 32)
    Home page:
    Software develooper
    Programming, Stepmania (pad and keyboard), DFO