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Aug 1, 2011
Apr 30, 2010
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Jan 2, 1987 (Age: 32)
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Software develooper

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Code monkey like Fritos, Male, 32

LHCGreg was last seen:
Aug 1, 2011
    1. Soltis
      hey~ just wanted to let you know I'm finally uploading all the new summoner descriptions I could get with reset for the wiki to a new imageshack account now(sorry for the wait).

      Its mostly the spirit route(king, murker, glarine, aquarius, louise, wisps, and other summons up to like lvl5) with a couple of lvl1-2 skill descriptions of the contracts.

      Ill probably end up posting the link after the site comes back up.
    2. Archie
      Heh, after I attempted to mess wirh drivers, it works even worse. I could blindly click around, but the game no longer responds so quickly anymore.
    3. Tepet
      We aren't that far off from that. I'd say in the next five or so years we'll have the technology. Then after that technology will turn on us, we will be eradicated by that meteor the Russians have discovered hurtling towards us, a texas instruments calculater will survive, and it will rebuild earth in the image of the offspring of Bill Gates, Shigeru Miyatomo, Tim Berners-Lee, Vince Shamwow, and Al Gore. And it will be glorious. So sayeth the tome of sugar high.
    4. FenixStryk
      What... really? I can't even imagine why.
    5. Rawrrr

      Sorry, I stopped temporarily because there were some new events on DnF I didn't want to miss :<
    6. Heidi
      Email ok?
    7. Heidi
      Grag, where should I contact you if I need to give you some code or need a code review?
    8. Rob
      What the hell happened to Providence Greg?
    9. Heidi
      Could I please talk to you first thing tommorow about a few things to do with the design of my part of the library? I've been messing around with code a bit, but have realised that I need to make a few big decisions before writing any final product code.
    10. Soltis
      ;; Looking over it now I see the thread we were talking in was in technical help lol :< now I feel kinda bad. Oh well I suppose.
    11. Soltis
      Erm, another question; how do you contest an infraction again? =_=
      I think I just got one for what was a just a joke between friends lol..
    12. Soltis
      Ahh, ok. I just did a new one last night and just wanted to get a rundown again to make sure it was cool;
    13. Soltis
      hey~ what was the length limit on sigs again? I know the height limit was 250 yea?
    14. Tomato
      Sorry, I was gone for a few days. I assume you got it figured out by waiting for the window to be 640x480 since I saw you released your new version.
      It seems like the current DNF client changes the resolution twice... that will be quite a pain if that patch ever makes it to DFO.
    15. Heidi
      Every time a Divine Guard speaks to me in #superswordaction I get flashbacks of what that guild did to me. "Before I kick you, tell me that you never have had any intentions of listening" "TELL ME" "TELL ME" "Go kill yourself" "You're incapable of listening".

      I do not know if I'll be able to stay at SSA without going completely crazy. Why are you never on AIM anymore?
    16. TheHolyGuy
      lol I suck at Warcraft 3. SC2 is more for me
    17. Heidi
      Fenix kicked me from Divine Guard. I can't cope ANYMROE I CAN"T I CANT
      ADLfsadlfj sdf;kj dsafk;ja f;lkdj fads;lkfj sj;ls adf
    18. Heidi
      Could you please hurry up? *is getting impatient*
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    "'How do you fight someone smarter than yourself?' Rand whispered. 'The answer is simple. You make her think that you are sitting down across the table from her, ready to play her game. Then you punch her in the face as hard as you can.'" - The Gathering Storm


    Jan 2, 1987 (Age: 32)
    Home page:
    Software develooper
    Programming, Stepmania (pad and keyboard), DFO