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May 4, 2011
May 3, 2010
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Mmmmmmmm, from ON

Holypie was last seen:
May 4, 2011
    1. BlanixTheBlood
      You don't really need to know the most about since its not actually mafia, but i do need someone who knows the rules. If you don't have time or don't want to im not forcing anyone.
      None the less, I'll keep those two in mind.
    2. BlanixTheBlood
      I'll also need someone to be the middle man for me since I can't use my computer during after hours. T.T
    3. BlanixTheBlood
      All this mafia has inspired my creativity to make my own forum game that comes down to trickery, mental games, and poker faces.
      But I first need someone who knows mafia well enough to establish the rules properly, being that mafia will be the security variable for my creation.
      Rather than killing eachother off, I have the idea based towards trying to reach a goal, with one force trying to accomplish said goal(s), and one to atempt sabotage of the other force.
      The theme will be plotted in the planes of hell, the number of planes (goals) needs to be thought about carefully, else it will be imbalanced. I'm thinking either 4 or 6, originally I wanted all 9 but that might be too many for the good faction to handle.

      Are you interested in helping me with this? The members of SSA will serv as test subjects for the game.

      I will call it. Underworld.
    4. FenixStryk
      If I gave you the ingredients, would you bake a new one?
    5. FenixStryk
      Worms are great, but where's the pie?
    6. AiNoMinako
      yumm worms :3
    7. saccharin
      It's a work in progress. ~.~
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