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Jan 5, 2011
Oct 6, 2010
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New Member, from NY

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Jan 5, 2011
    1. Nueflheimr
      Bleh! I'm sorry I haven't sent you the maps as I promised. You could say I lost the will to working on the Wiki with the minimum amount of people we have. Yes me not helping doesn't help *sigh*..

      Just wanted to apologize about not getting the maps. If you really do need help though, I hope I will be able to help.. :(
    2. Nueflheimr
      Looks like I'll be starting with Aphelia then~
    3. Nueflheimr
      Alright, have you done any yourself? If so, where should I start? And last question, would imageshack be alright for sending the maps with?
    4. Nueflheimr
      Hehe thank you, it's just putting in information is all. So in general doesn't take much time unlike extracting sprites and piecing them together.

      Oh and if there is anyways I could help you, just tell me. Like maybe getting the maps for dungeons? I won't be able to put in coordinates, but if it's just the map its self I can send it to you.
    5. Nueflheimr
      Props for the edits, that's what I like to see in the recent changes ;D
      lol I can't find out how to response to this on the Wiki Page.

      Also can't tell if this is sarcasm or not. :X
    6. Stream
      comment virginity stolen~~
      And two questions.

      Do you need help gathering any mob names or etc etc simple stuffz for wiki?

      And why when you click monster on main page of wiki it isnt linked to all your pages you've been doing, gonna fix that? ;3
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