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Jan 16, 2011
May 8, 2010
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Get high on life

2bninja was last seen:
Jan 16, 2011
    1. FAVOR
      How are you? i hope all is well with you.My name is Favor, Humble and Honest girl, I saw your lovely profile here in superswordaction.com i became very much interested in you. Please write to me direct to my email in-inbox, ( [email protected] ) , So that i will send you my picture and more, ok miss Favor, ( [email protected]
    2. Ring
      it's killing u bro D:
    3. Ring
      I was obviouslly kidding .-.
    4. Rawrrr

      S'ok homeboy, our love is like a caterpillar, just waiting to blossom.
    5. Soushin
      Nope. I hate Nexon too much for banning me. I miss my characters too much that I simply cannot enjoy DFO anymore.

      I'm basically crying over spilled milk and I can't get over it. So instead I ragequit.
    6. Stream
      Your signature is hot advertisement god asains what the fuck yes I spelled it wrong google chrome.
    7. Izzy

      How's it going? HAVING FUN YET?
    8. Stream
      No constant computer access so no
    9. Soltis
      What does that mean? lol XD
    10. Soushin
      Comme ci comme ça.
    11. Raven
      I am, I'm just not a frequent poster, but since DFO source isn't up. My DFOP user is: Raven.
    12. Mark
      I play all kinds of Exo.
    13. saccharin
      What do you want?
    14. Tempo
      Dont tell me what to do.
    15. Soltis

    16. Soltis
      I might visit someday but atm lazy :<
    17. Soltis
      D:> its your forum? XD
    18. Soltis
      too lazy :<
    19. Raven
      Get high on drugs.
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