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Aug 14, 2010
May 25, 2010
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The Clutch Winner, from NYC

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Aug 14, 2010
    1. Rawrrr
      Fair do's.

      Well, there's a lot of people in the guild who have been playing for a long time, and quite a few koreans too. If that fails I just do a search in the AH.
    2. Rawrrr
      Yeah, but your not into the whole LOLFGUNNERSOOVERPOWERED I'm guessin.

      Na I can't read it, I just pick up things as I play.
    3. Rawrrr
      Lmao, what's wrong? Not swept up by the f gunner craze?
    4. Rawrrr
      Pretty well, inching closer to 70 now. How's DFO going?
    5. Kateya
      Eons shameons a bboy is always a bboy.Ill keep you posted on events if you want to check out the scene lately. If you have not been keeping up
    6. Kateya
      Word! im from nj thats mad close man! we should def break sometime at and event or just something
    7. Rawrrr
      Haha, not really. I'm so fucking retarded irl.
    8. Rawrrr
      Lol. It's true in these guys minds.

      But yeah, I look nothin like her.
    9. 2bninja
      hmm I have 2 attk speeds and carbon fiber atm [lvl 25] avatars
      gs combos are easy imo too but katana is a little harder lol
    10. Rawrrr
      Lol. I posted my pic in the thread and people said I look like Taylor Swift, so I thought "why not?".

      I don't look like her at all really.
    11. Ring
      umm yea I guess you do because xxx is too slow on the last hit so it's xx SST SST SST SST AND RIGHT ON THE LAST HIT ITS UPWARD OR BEFORE THE LAST IF YOU;RE CLOSE ENOUGH IT'S bsc ... oops caps locks and im too lazy to retype =.= but this

      BSC --> Upward --> ACS (Aerial Chain Slash) X1 --> Ashe Fork sounds doable then I can do another bsc...

      I love the sst I dont know why people say it sucks :l
    12. Ring
      Hey mr ugly fuck haha j/k bro jealous of your hair.

      do you have any tips for a bludgeon WM? I kinda stop juggling after a second BSC then I resort to GC and WWS to finish a juggle then I come it with charge crash to launch and smash down...
    13. 2bninja
      Oh lol,
      I just rolled a new wm (lvl 25)


      experimenting with continuing my juggles with moonlight slash
      I wanna learn from the great one :)
    14. 2bninja
      Hey volt!
      Good to see you here.
      I like your hair in the 4th pic better lol,
      I used to bboy too...

      Anyways what masteries do you have for wm?
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